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    GeorgeCopeland wrote:

    Hi Rod, on our local instance of SSRS 2016, .xlsx is the only Excel export option available.

    Oh, interesting, George! We are working with older versions of SSRS, so that...

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    Steve Jones - SSC Editor wrote:

    I can only assume that the controls they are using in SSRS are old and don't have this capability and MS is reluctant to update this. Since XLS is...

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    I agree with you, Steve. I do have one observation and one question.

    Where I currently work there are a LOT of Excel and MS Access applications out there. I'm working...

  • Reply To: Moving in the Post Pandemic World

    Eric M Russell wrote:

    I currently live in a suburb north of Atlanta. I'm a 5 - 45 minute drive from hundreds of companies that specialize in IT or have  a substantial internal...

  • Reply To: Do You Have Big Data?

    The databases and applications I work on and support are in the TB range. But I would bet there's other databases at work that are in the PB range.

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    Early in my career I learned that seeking mentoring relationships would be a great way to learn. I took that to heart, but never found anyone who was interested in...

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    Steve Jones - SSC Editor wrote:

    I also wonder how this works with staff turnover. Right now, most of us have met others in our offices and worked with them. What happens over time as...

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    Steve Jones - SSC Editor wrote:

    Doctor Who 2 wrote:

    Will we continue to work long term WFH? I really don't know. I suspect not, because WFH was never something any employer in my state, allowed before COVID-19....

  • Reply To: Learning Isn’t Easy, But It’s Vital

    WOW, Grant, if I could give this 1000 likes, I would. Keeping learning and trying to improve oneself is, in my opinion, the most important rule for your career, that...

  • Reply To: Looking Back at Software Development Trends

    This topic interests me intensely. I've been reading about software development trends for many years, with a view to improve myself and to suggest better ways for those I work...

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  • Reply To: Admin Challenges Across Scale and Time

    I love the idea of documenting one's process of how they solved something. It's not something we've done much of. Even during this time of the pandemic when many companies...

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    Steve, I had to read your Fostering Creativity article twice, before I understood what you were describing. Redgate's Down Tools Week is so foreign to my experience, that it doesn't...

  • Reply To: The Challenge of Audio Data

    Thank you, Steve, for bringing this topic up. The week before the shutdown happened, probably like everyone else where, I saw the writing on the wall. For headphones all I...

  • Reply To: Finding Separation During WFH

    JRuss wrote:

    As mentioned on one of your previous posts, Steve, I've been WFH for more than a year, so not COVID related. For the most part it's fine. I find...

  • Reply To: Why aren't the backups working?

    We're using TFS 2015.

    Thank you for linking to that documentation! I'm going to check it out.

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