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  • RE: Which is the correct spatial data type?

    I've searched a bit, and from what I can see, both Geometry and Gography stores the coordinates as IEEE 754 64-bit float internally, hence there is no difference in precision......

  • RE: Which is the correct spatial data type?

    I have some doubt on the correctness of this question. As you get the coordinates from a GPS system and your task is to store the coordinates (calculation of distance...

  • RE: Virtual Machines

    I'll have to object on this question. All hardware resources are simply wrong, as the VMs "never" share display adapter. Disk would also actually be wrong, some disks may be...

  • RE: Removing Duplicates

    I agree with the others suggesting CTE, as I think the code is way more readable.

  • RE: EXCEPT - 1

    Easy one. This is according to the SQL standard. Unfortunately, SQL Server does not support except all and intersect all, which both is a part of the SQL Standard. There...

  • RE: Casting question

    Really easy question, but the explanation puzzles me. As far as I can see it is no implicit conversion, just a pure integer division.

  • RE: An Orders of Magnitude Problem (T-SQL Tuning)

    I've experienced somewhat the same as described, and I have two books I would recommend on this subject:

    SQL Server Execution Plans

    Inside the SQL Server Query Optimizer

  • RE: Temp Table Data Types

    Learned something new here, and by the way, the reference should be:

    Date, Time, and Timestamp Escape Sequences

  • RE: Alter User

    john.arnott (2/18/2013)

    sestell1 (2/18/2013)

    Wow, interesting... and very odd.

    I'd be curious to know the reason behind this restriction.

    +1 I'm hoping we hear an authoritative answer to this, but would guess...

  • RE: Merge

    sknox (2/14/2013)

    It is important to specify only the columns from the target table that are used for matching purposes. That is, specify columns from the target table that are compared...

  • RE: CHOOSE - 1

    Ridiculous question as you have to know the content of a table in AdventureWorks 2012 to get the answer correct.

  • RE: Queries

    SanDroid (1/18/2013)

    If more that 80% don't get your question right, you should reconsider what you are asking and how you re asking it. 😉

    I completely disagree. There are quite a...

  • RE: Ghost Cleanup

    As far as I understand it, there is something missing from the explanation. If we assume that only what's written in the scenario has happened, the scenario is as...

  • RE: T-SQL

    Let me quote myself, NULL is treated just like any other value in a unique constraint. It is the combination of values that has to be unique. It is wrong...

  • RE: T-SQL

    Dineshbabu (1/3/2013)

    oh.. unique constraint can allow more than one null value.. I don't think so.. Please give me some xample...

    Here you are:

    create table test (

    id int not null,


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 440 total)