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  • RE: Aggregates in T-SQL

    Good question indeed. I should have spotted that the aggregates will fail due to untyped NULL. If the null value in the last statement were typed, it would work just...

  • RE: SET Options - 2

    Wrong answer marked as correct. SQL Server will return the following error message:

    Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 5

    Incorrect syntax near ';'.

    Semicolon is not allowed after go.

  • RE: Queries

    Well, this question definitely has more than one correct answer. If you look at the actual execution plan, the correct answer is 0.

  • RE: RAID and Its impact on your SQL performance

    Raid 1+0 and 0+1 isn't even identical in performance, 1+0 performs better when the array is degraded.

  • RE: RAID and Its impact on your SQL performance

    It appears that this article has been changed (or at least republished). Perry Whittle's comment should have been taken into consideration, the difference between RAID 1+0 and 0+1 is indeed...

  • RE: Stored procedure that takes backup of your procedures on physical drive

    I think this modification does the trick:

    exec(@dbName + replace(@tempSQL,'''',''''''))

  • RE: Noise

    kapil190588 (10/15/2012)

    As sql server version was not specified so I selected NoiseList but got wrong...

    I think version should be mentioned in question..

    learn new thing today.......

    If it were different in two...

  • RE: Determine filepath from open SQL script

    Place the mouse pointer of the the file's tab.

  • RE: Tablesample

    ramkaay (9/20/2012)

    The whole query will not fetch any rows.

    Because the table is dropped at the end.

    The query will return rows anyway, otherwise temporary objects would not have worked very...

  • RE: Tablesample

    sknox (9/19/2012)

    Another QotD which does not test what it purports to test.

    Even if you know TABLESAMPLE inside and out, you cannot expect to get this question correct without knowing...

  • RE: Tablesample

    Hugo Kornelis (9/19/2012)

    However, the official correct answer is still a bit questionable. (...)

    Just to make a short comment. I do not completely disagree with you. It is documented that the...

  • RE: Tablesample

    Evgeny Garaev (9/18/2012)

    Percentage is very low for that sample data, it will likely never return any row. Change the query like that to be fair:

    create table #Test (ID int primary...

  • RE: Backups

    In most scenarios, I would say that both should fail as SQL Server does/should not have access to create files on the system drive, but that is a different scenario...

  • RE: GO Part 2

    Another reference: The -c parameter of sqlcmd.

  • RE: Inserts

    Good question, as others I overlooked the zero and hence got it wrong.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 440 total)