Virtual Machines

  • TomThomson (8/18/2014)

    Oh dear! "all Hardware"???

    Soundcard? Joystick? USB devices?

    Or am I answering the wrong question?

    See this MSDN library page.

    Or am I just a couple of years out of date?

    Same here Tom :w00t:

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  • The word "anything" is really confusing to me. Rest all are good here.



  • I'll have to object on this question. All hardware resources are simply wrong, as the VMs "never" share display adapter. Disk would also actually be wrong, some disks may be shared, but iSCSI disks may also be mounted directly in the VM, and some of the hosts disks (system drive) will not be shared with the VMs.

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  • I got right, because I work on OnSite( Microsoft company in Beijing) and often create VMs on host machine.

    thanks share the question.


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