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  • RE: TDE and Filestream

    Glad I'm not the only one confused!

    I'm going to have to submit my own question sooon just so we get one with a correct answer :hehe:

  • RE: The Age of Software

    If they don't support SQL 11 on Windows for Workgroups 3.11 NOW then I for one am taking my computer and going home. Bah.

  • RE: The Desire for Control

    Definitely in the 'want great flexibility in tuning and the ability to apply their own knowledge' camp.

    Admittedly these days I do find far less need for low level tinkering with...

  • RE: Which Bugs Do You Find?

    I'm experienced enough to not get many what I would call 'real' bugs in my applications, of course there are a few. In general these now seem to come in...

  • RE: Choosing Your Tasks

    Well, being a developer I get just a little self directed time permitted. To be honest though, I actually take a whole lot more - and to be honest I...

  • RE: Tax Day

    I am in the UK and private sector. IT here seems really buoyant at least where I am in the south east. I am nearly15% better off pay wise and...

  • RE: Length

    Well, the question was wrong, I guess Sriram was a bit hasty :w00t:. I for one am happy to have my otherwise almost immaculate record destroyed by such. Unless of...

  • RE: Data conversion

    I thought the superfluous comma would throw it out too. You learn something new every day.

    I did work out that the date conversion would not work for us Brits but...

  • RE: Most Work is Mundane

    I'm a data centred web dev so a little different to many types here - but I like a variation between grinding out code (mundanity) and solving intractable problems and...

  • RE: Left Join

    rootfixxxer (2/10/2011)


    Need a quick help, i have two tables, that are related by a varchar field, in the first table i have 43 lines that are related with 2 lines...

  • RE: Changing the Past

    I can't really think of any time appropriate to alter past data apart from when an error has been picked up that did not affect the situation in a major...

Viewing 11 posts - 586 through 596 (of 596 total)