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  • RE: Why Be an MCP?

    I agree with all the posts that having a MCP, MCSE, or MCDBA does not mean the holder has the knowledge require to do the job. As technical people we...

  • RE: Optimizer Join Methods


    You are right about the indexes being one of the keys. Another is size of the data inputs. It is hard (nearly impossible) to "push" the optimizer to choose one join...

  • RE: permissions on tables

    Have you verified that the login is the same through Profiler? Try tracing the application access to the objects and verify the login being used.

  • RE: Cannot login after default database is deleted

    Wasn't my intention to "prevent" access to master. You are correct in that everyone has access to master because the guest account is active in master. My intention was to...

  • RE: Cannot login after default database is deleted

    I make it a habit of not allowing any login to have master as the default DB. I even go as far as creating an empty DB that I point everyone too....

  • RE: Hacker attempt

    I agree with Frank. Try getting together with the network admin folks and try to block the attempts with the firewall.

    Randy Dyess


  • RE: What security to use

    If you really want to get fancy and this is a production project, then you could create a small web page that would query for the latest status and any...

  • RE: Error when changing startup account

    SQL Server will create the permissions needed for the account during installation, not on subsequent changes.

  • RE: dbo to add rolemember???

    A alternate work around would be to add the security group's ID to the db_securityadmin database role. Create a new user-defined role and add that role to the db_datareader fixed...


    Besides documenting the many issues that often need to be documented, does your new role involve taking care of the daily review of backups, jobs, new users, and any minor...

  • RE: Displaying Execution Plans

    Review the section over SET STATISTICS PROFILE. This command will allow the query to execute as well as return the execution plan.

    I also plan on detailing the output over...

  • RE: Best Practices for Reboot Schedule

    In the past there has been reasons to set up a schedule reboot process for Windows/SQL machines due to the large amounts of memory leaks which came from some Microsoft...

  • RE: paging - showing 10 records at a time, etc.

    I agree with Steve. Recently had to alter stored procedures to use paging because the amount of information return was in the millions of rows for a generic catch-all user...

  • RE: Database Size

    You have a long way to go. We currently have a 3.8 TB database and while there are some issues with having enough time to rebuild indexes after large 40GB+...

  • RE: Stored Procedure Defintion


    select * from information_schema.routines

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