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  • RE: Making Choices

    There are quality decisions a man makes concerning such things and you choice is well thought out and appropriate. I also had to rethink travel three or four years back...

  • RE: Software Has Bugs

    When the performance of a young developer was questioned meaning why does he create so many bugs, he response was simple, "because he does so many things"....

    I then...

  • RE: DeveloperBall

    The assumption is that you can add a football player to a new team and it will function better. We have to look at this objectively and say, not...

  • RE: Design a Better SQL Server Pricing Model

    g.britton (1/21/2016)

    Yet Another DBA (1/21/2016)

    I think that most will use a developers copy or msdn copy for all non-production copies of sql.


    MSDN works for me in development. I do...

  • RE: Sharing Code

    Eric M Russell (12/29/2015)

    Plagiarism is more than just copying and pasting a block of code into a blog post; plagiarism is when you present someone elses original work as your...

  • RE: Running as SysAdmin

    Cody K (12/21/2015)

    andrew gothard (12/21/2015)In fact, using a highly privileged single account for app access is nothing more than deliberate incompetence.

    The last time I heard something like this said the...

  • RE: Amateur Data Analysis

    Thanks Steve, I have been working with both Power Pivot and another OpenData Portal Product that provides machine readable data to the public for our state. We have been...

  • RE: Be Professional

    Being successful and appearing to be successful are two different things.

    I get a kick out of some judges on American Idol or America's Got Talent when they say that one...

  • RE: Is Skynet Coming?

    Do I think that IA will one day be a reality? Yes, limited as others have said but it will be real. Will it include the ability to creatively...

  • RE: What is the Output?

    SQLRNNR (6/24/2015)

    EZ PZ lemon squeezy. That said, it is a rather good lesson as Hugo laid out for us.


  • RE: Byte Me: Stranger Than Fiction

    Reminds me of the good old days, or was that last week?


  • RE: Software Engineering in Practice

    Love the article and the conversation. We have to have those times where we take on large amounts of knowledge rapidly. And even when we have been at...

  • RE: Mastery – Repetition, Variations, and Depth

    Gary Varga (3/26/2015)

    GoofyGuy (3/26/2015)

    My daughter's riding coach ...

    I usually ride economy class.

    I scuffle along the gutter...

    I laugh!

  • RE: Mastery – Repetition, Variations, and Depth

    I use to keep a notebook of the really odd things I have run into. Have never blogged, probably should, but have been a problem solver for years.


  • RE: Identity Column Datatype

    TomThomson (3/17/2015)

    Miles Neale (3/17/2015)

    Nevyn (3/10/2015)

    TomThomson (3/7/2015)

    This is a rather early repeat! We had an identical question on Jan 13th, less than 2 months ago; and then on Jan 20th...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 831 total)