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  • RE: STUFF - 2

    David in .AU (12/11/2012)

    L' Eomot Inversé (12/11/2012)

    The general idea of null is that it means "it is not known what this value is"; if I replace some characters in a...

  • RE: STR

    I answered the QotD based on how I received it (STR(123.45, 2, 2)) via email. The Webpage currently lists a different statement (iirc, STR(987.65, 2, 3)) -- please correct...


    Like many of you, I found this QotD [too] easy to answer. Perhaps it would have been a bit more challenging if an answer choice was "Error" :hehe:.

  • RE: Rename column

    Thanks, PravS, for a good QotD. I didn't think we would be allowed to rename a computed column, but the MSDN page on sp_rename (e.g. didn't...

  • RE: Union and Union All

    Toreador (7/9/2012)

    I thought it looked familiar!

    Except that the earlier QotD was more challenging for me (and I got it wrong because I thought UNION took precedence over UNION...

  • RE: Execs and temporary tables

    Thanks for the question! but the set of possible answers was "too easy": once I saw that B#2 was going to error out while B#3 was not, I didn't look...

  • RE: NULLIF 1

    Thomas Abraham (6/26/2012)

    Thanks for the question. Never used NULLIF, so forced me to investigate.

    I got my point, but am inclined to agree with those that feel that the question could...

  • RE: SQL Server Logs

    jeff.mason (6/1/2012)

    Not so much a guess for me as process of elimination -- I have had to make use of the other three constantly as a DBA, so that was...

  • RE: SP

    Hugo Kornelis (4/26/2012)

    I love the "don't know" option, and I agree with the poster above that those who rightfully tick that box should get a point. 😉

    Only if they can...

  • RE: VIEWS 4

    cengland0 (3/27/2012)

    You got me on this one. I didn't know this would produce an error and according to the current stats on who answered it incorrectly, I'm not the...

  • RE: Concurrent Administration

    ...I immediately answered Yes to this question because I thought of two different databases and filegroups. So it is possible to do a full backup and a shrink at...

  • RE: Network Protocals

    KWymore (11/7/2011)

    Nice Monday question. Never looked into VIA before so I figured that was the answer.

    Answering this QotD was also a "process of elimination" for me -- I knew that...

  • RE: Constraints

    Britt Cluff (10/17/2011)

    Thanks for the question. I was pretty sure the check constraint would allow the NULL value.

    Ditto x 2. Just wanted to add that some Neanderthals (e.g. my...

  • RE: exceptional logic

    Rob Schripsema (10/11/2011)

    Outstanding question -- not only on Except/Intersect, but also on operator precedence....

    Agreed! Like some of you, I didn't know INTERSECT had higher precedence than UNION and EXCEPT.

  • RE: SQL Server Agent job information

    stewartc-708166 (7/27/2011)

    Quick and easy for a Wednesday morning.

    and I haven't even had my morning coffee yet...

    Judging from some of the sarcastic back&forth in the, so far, four pages of "discussion,"...

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 90 total)