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  • RE: SQL LEN Function

    kramaswamy (9/10/2009)

    ouch. didn't know about the trailing space removal before length calculation. nice question!

    Ditto :-).

  • RE: Replication

    Granted, this SP is used in transactional replication, but why could it not also be used re snapshot and other types of replication? Thanks.

  • RE: SQL 2008 T-SQL

    I thought [font="Courier New"]@msg *= 3[/font] would not work -- my bad :-).

  • RE: cast, convert and float!

    webrunner (8/20/2009)

    I just plain got it wrong because of the int @C, after focusing too much on confirming the 21 * 0.5 calculation. Good question in that it...

  • RE: RAID

    Aaron N. Cutshall (8/18/2009)

    Doh!! Goes to show what you get when you click through something too quickly without checking your answers! (I checked 0 when I meant to check 1).


  • RE: Conversion Fun

    ronmoses (8/7/2009)

    Dang it, I knew that was the answer and didn't pick it. That seemed like the obvious "otherwise, why would I ask the question?" answer. But no,...

  • RE: Unique constraints

    I didn't see any tags in the question -- perhaps someone corrected it after y'all noted a problem?

    In any case, don't forget to 'drop table sales' after executing the code...


    Explanation: The string returned by SUBSTRING is truncated if Start + Length -1 is greater than the length of the Expression string.

    I think Mr. Williams meant to say...

  • RE: Dynamic Query

    I found this Q too easy, as option 1 seemed correct and was listed in only one of the five possible answers for the Q, but I looked at the...


    r.hensbergen (4/22/2009)

    Jayeff (4/22/2009)

    mike (4/22/2009)

    Hey! Not fair. I lost a point because of a missing ORDER BY ? Like a previous poster mentioned, both 1 and 2 are correct. :crying:

    Can I...


    Glad 2 C there was discussion 'bout this Q's failings, but I trust most of us picked the A which was closest to what we thought the questioner was after...

  • RE: T-SQL

    I agree with Hugo K.'s point#s 3 and 6 in his p.1 reply, and because of the latter point (QotD used a colon between seconds and ms. rather than a...

  • RE: SQL Server Table Types

    Re Someguy's comment: I do SELECT [columns] INTO [new_table] FROM [source] ... (in essence, creating a copy) quite often (mostly, when I want to back up rows that I'm...


    [font="Verdana"]First time, long time. I agree with post#476997 (as well as with Shaun Tzu's wise thoughts :)). We should all get into the practice of qualifying our references...

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 90 total)