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  • RE: Small negative numbers

    Thanks, Chris and Solomon, for your responses (and Solomon, for that erudite article!); and I understand what you're both saying, but has anyone taken your theories and applied them in...

  • RE: Small negative numbers

    I've 'like'd Jeff Moden's reply, but I have to ask the author -- by "We want to use the smallest data storage possible to ensure good performance", you are implying...

  • RE: Drop table in one shot

    Carlo Romagnano - Tuesday, July 31, 2018 12:54 PM

    Kaye Cahs - Tuesday, July 31, 2018 6:50 AM

  • RE: The TOP 10 Count

    Two points to Michal L., and take away two from me for not considering which choice actually represented the "1" answer I was seeking :).

  • RE: Fun with XOR #1

    Fun question - but rather easy for us ancients who programmed with very limited storage half a century ago....

    +1. I'm wondering if I first saw the XOR-swap technique in...

  • RE: RAND Unions

    stephen.long.1 (9/29/2014)

    Steve, thanks for the two points on a (relatively) easy question. It's a good way to start off the work week. 🙂


  • RE: EXCEPT 2

    marcia.j.wilson (3/3/2014)

    I do appreciate the easy point, even though I don't think I earned it.

    Speak for yourself 😀 -- I thought this QotD was EXCEPTional! 🙂

  • RE: 9002 ERROR

    SQLRNNR (10/29/2013)

    Out of curiosity, I wonder how many people have had this happen to them.

    Is the answer rate indicative of experience with this error or do people know this without...

  • RE: Exists

    Hugo Kornelis (8/7/2013)

    Michael_Garrison (8/7/2013)

    Good question. I missed this because on SQL 2008 R2 I get error with 'c.ID could not be bound'. So I picked SQL would return an error....

  • RE: How does SQL pronounce SQL?

    Ed Wagner (6/28/2013)

    I admit I've never used the SOUNDEX or DIFFERENCE functions before, so I got to learn something today. That's always a good way to start the day....

  • RE: Temp Tables revisited

    Mike Is Here (6/24/2013)

    I really didn't care for this question, you must fix all errors regardless of the order they appear.

    I selected the wrong answer with the User error, which...

  • RE: IFF - 1

    WWDMark (6/6/2013)

    I was wondering about the collation issue (i.e. case sensitive or not) and as the question didn't specify the collation I took a punt...... and got it wrong! Hey...

  • RE: TOP and ORDER BY

    kapil_kk (6/3/2013)

    Lokesh Vij (6/3/2013)

    Srinivas.Pendyala (6/3/2013)

    what about the 5 th value,why it is not giving output of 5?

    Srinivas, The idea here is we are using "TOP(6) WITH TIES", initially "TOP...


    Thanks for the question.

  • RE: RAID

    Koen Verbeeck (12/30/2012)

    W00t, easy question to close the year 😀 :w00t:

    Not really sure though why a Microsoft resource is so necessary when the question itself is about a pretty universal...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 90 total)