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  • RE: The Energizer Bunny

    Energizer Bunny? Oh, you mean like Virginia Tech's wins against UVA? They just keep going and going and going. (9 of the last 10, baby!) :D...

  • RE: General Feedback on The Voice of the DBA podcasts

    The video is important for no other reason than to poke fun at Steve for wearing Wahoo (that's "University of Virginia" for the uninitiated) paraphernalia. Go Hokies!!! (That's...

  • RE: A Few Good DBAs

    Aren't you forgetting something really obvious here? The first guy (MVJ) ripped off the movie, too. Ooh, "Blatent Plagerism!" Go yell at him, even better, write...

  • RE: A Few Good DBAs

    Geez Rick...who peed in your Wheaties?!? 😀

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That said, I must be the most flattering guy you people know. 😛

    Side 1:...

  • RE: A Few Good DBAs


    Yer too late. Talk Like A Pirate Day[/url] was September 19th. Arrr!


  • RE: A Few Good DBAs


  • RE: A Few Good DBAs

    I didn't expect there to be a video version of the podcast today (since there wasn't yesterday), but just watched it...hillarious!

    "Steve Jones, I've met Jack Nicholson, and you, sir, are...

  • RE: A Few Good DBAs


    You'll have to send me that part number...I've been looking for one of those. 🙂

    I saw a pull-mechanism for a lawn mower sitting in a...

  • RE: Social Hacks

    Let's not forget what's completely and totally important here...

    😛 Thanks for the shout out, Steve! 😛
  • RE: Outakes-please eliminate

    Please don't ever eliminate the outtakes. "The human side of Steve Jones" is my favorite part of every editorial! 🙂 (Besides the valuable content, of course!)

  • RE: A Lack of SQL

    Leave it to me to address the real pressing issues... :hehe:

    Loved the fact that the blooper reel today was -part- of the blooper reel. 😀

    Hmm, I still have...

  • RE: Happy Birthday

    A Nintendo DS Lite.

    I got one off of MyCokeRewards (yes, that was a LOT of caps to enter for that guy...1,084 to be exact), and I ended up giving it...

  • RE: An IT Union - Database Weekly (Sept 8, 2008)

    Windows Media version of the PodCast points to the "One MILL-I-ON IOPs" PodCast. iPod version is fine, though.

  • RE: Lost in Space

    Hmm...perhaps they should install those on the students, as well. 😀

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