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  • RE: Create a job - sign on as 'sa'

    Do you have SP2 installed?

    I have been researching this error today, there's not much info out there. Some people say applying SP2 fixes the problem, I already have SP2...

  • RE: Resources for learning SQL Server 2005: Suggestions?

    In my humble opinion, this is the best online resource available. is decent.

    Download the latest BOL, I refer to it quite often.

    As a previous...

  • RE: SQL SERVER 2005 vs ORACLE 10G

    Whatta discussion. Kind of like going on a Ford message board and asking what's better, a Taurus or a Camry? Makes me want to go on Metalink or...

  • RE: database owner best practices

    VMWare works well in a Dev\QA environment for us but at this time I would never use it for a Production environment, especially a high volume environment. Also, Microsoft's...

  • RE: Index Scan vs Index Seek

    Kathi Kellenberger has a really good article on index basics, which illustrates the difference between an index seek and an index scan. Take a look:

  • RE: How come no one post any job?

    J-Mo - Yes, working in Posh Plymouth. I'll talk to a couple of cronies and fellow curmudgeons to see what the deal is with the possible Livonia position and...

  • RE: restore to multiple datafiles

    Thanks, Steve. After researching the topic for a while and not finding anything that said it could be done I figured I would have to restore the file to...

  • RE: Restore a 2005 db to a 2000 server

    Good advice but I like the "... tell the users it is not possible..." answer!!!

  • RE: How come no one post any job?

    I guess Henry found a way around paying the posting fee... ha ha...

    J Moden - Where in Michigan are you located? I heard about a possible opening in Livonia,...

  • RE: Error in mantainance plan (the connection is not found)

    Clarification please - Are you trying to backup SQL 2000 databases on a separate server to a SQL 2005 server using 2005's SQL Management Studio/Maintenance Plans?

  • RE: Half a Million

    One of my new favorite things about is the sucking up and groveling for prizes.

    - Grumpy

  • RE: Half a Million

    I don't read the articles, I just like the pictures.

    On a serious note, this is the best SQL Server resource available. The articles, editorials (usually amusing), forums and my...

Viewing 12 posts - 451 through 462 (of 462 total)