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  • Why do I like SSC? It is a factor that it's free, but the main reason is that it's a friendly helpful place to look for answers and to expand my knowledge. The posters within the forums are refreshingly humble and I don't think anyone would be scared off. I do visit other forums (such as photography) and there are plenty of "I'm right, you're wrong" posts that not infrequently get personal. I've not seen that on SSC. That says a lot for the professionalism of the posters as there are things that not everyone will agree on.

    The editorials are interesting and thought provoking, and there's plenty of good articles. I just wish I had more time to frequent the site, but I would say SSC is the only SQL site that I do visit daily. Microsoft is next in the list, but any other visits are the result of a search.

    And finally, congratulations on reaching this milestone!

  • One of the strongest points of this website are your daily emails. The layouts have always been great and there are always plenty of articles covering a wide range of topics. It allows those that are new to sql server to build an awareness of the components of SQL Server that we do not use on a day to day basis.

    The question of the day is another example of introducing different components of sql server to those that may not be aware in a simple but effective way. The fact that after each question the is a link to further reading on the subject in question is very helpful.

    This focus on learning has really helped me get started in my database development career and helps me build a more focused direction on where I want my database development career to grow. I'm hoping soon to work towards the 2005 certifications for database development although I better hurry with 2008 around the corner.

    And lastly but not least......its free which is great because I need money for food and beer (not necessarily in that order).

    -- JP

  • Steve I'm proud to be one of those members.

    Thank you for those gr8 emails, I could always find something new and interesting to read.


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  • What has SSC NOT done for me ?

    As a marketing guy and responsible for a CRM implementation I felt the need for better reporting possibilities than what the out of the box software had to offer. At first, the newsgroups provided me with everything I needed but when I discovered SSC, that offered just that little extra. The editorials and the QOD proactivey thrusted the development of my database skills and what's more, the social aspects of being a DBA or a developer are being discussed here as well. In the end, when I was asked in a career interview how I'd like to be remembered, I found out that I'd rather be remembered for having developed or helped to develop great system that help people in achieving their goals rather than the guy who sold so and so many units. It's more rewarding to create real value rather than just making customers pay more than they would want.

    One year ago, I switched jobs and my new company is using Oracle, regrettably. The general knowledge I gained about databases at SSC got me through though and because I hope to get to work with SQL Server once more when I'm through here, SSC is just the place to stay informed.

    So actually, it's me who should be giving you a present for creating this great place Steve. If you ever make it to Holland, I'll be happy to show you around the windmills and the tulip fields ! Just keep promoting those green datacenters, so it'll take a little longer before we're under water here 🙂

  • How has SSC changed my life is the real question that I asked myself when I saw this!

    I have been programming for a few years now and found that my main source of continued learning was always from my work colleagues.

    Once all the top guys in my company left I found myself becoming unmotivated and unable to learn new things. My confidence as a coder dropped which was not a good time for.

    Then the day came that I found SSC!!!

    Since becoming a member I can honestly say that I have learnt more in the last few months on this side than I had learnt in the last 1.5 years at my company ? I am learning things that I would not normally be interested in, which is great cause now I am spreading the word to the people that I work with and in turn helping them to learn more about what they love so much.

    I love the people on this site, they are so friendly and I love the way that they don’t always give you the exact answer but rather help you to help yourself work the answer out.

    I am now becoming so confident that I am helping other people on the site as well.

    I’ve even started giving talks in our IT meetings at work on certain topics that I feel passionate about or things that I have come across on SSC.

    I’m hoping that sometime in the near future I’ll have the knowledge to write an article that might be published on SSC, so that I can share my new found passion with all your members.

    Basically then to come back to the question that I asked myself! I guess SSC has changed my life in that I am now loving coding more than I ever have, I now even loving helping and teaching others and my thirst for knowledge is now endless.

    I can honestly say that this is an amazing site and I am very happy to be part of this community ?

    Thanks to all.

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  • Hi Steve

    Over the past two years SSC has certainly help me grow in terms of MS-SQL, T-SQL and SQL in general. With no formal training in this field I am currently managing an SQL-Server database and even writing the occasional stored procedure. We are still on SQL-Server 2000. Your regular contributors have a flair for the practical. I also like the articles where one get to know some of the background; an under the bonnet view, so to speak.

    All and all, a very helpful site.


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    Kathu, South Africa

  • I have crossed over from Oracle - This site has made the transition seemless 🙂 Thanks 😀

  • Hi Steve

    I keep coming back to SQL Server Central.com simply because the articles are interesting, and the daily quiz is a great defence against mind-atrophy.

    The quiz has already saved me lots of work when it sparked an idea to solve a problem with a project server I was investigating.

    The new look has also meant that this is the only SQL Newsletter that I now receive, the others just felt untidy in comparison to the clean look of the newsletter and the new fresh feel to the website.

    Double thumbs up from the man without any sort of plan….

  • for every questions i had in mind i have found the answers here and more, sharing information is a good start to share life, with a useful information that i have gained from the site it helped me being a better user more powerful and a better person, free knowledge is not easy to give a way… thanks all:)



  • Why do I like this site, simple… the knowledge transfer… I work for a company that does not provide a lot of training, so this site has helped me become a better db admin / TSQL programmer. (‘O the love of many hats). In fact, during a debate with a vendor who was working on a corporate project, I referred him to this web site to read the articles on nulls, since he was completely off-base. That really built my rep with management!

    Thanks for a great site, and the great sense of community that you have built. Here’s looking forward to 1,000,000!

  • So I'm ineligible...

    I like this site for a number of reasons. First off, the articles are informative, but more than that, because of the structure that you guys set up, you get schleps like me writing the articles. So, while they may occasionally be poorly structured or even down right boring, you get a lot of front-line information and not nearly as much of that ivory tower type stuff that you frequently see on other sites. You can tell that more often than not, the people writing the articles in here are using the tool. That makes a huge difference.

    Next, the discussion around the articles can be more informative than the articles themselves. There's enough of a comfort level that no one seems put off by calling out errors in the article or in other posts, which educates everyone. While I love getting the "Nice article" comments, I get the most growth out of the "You've got an oopsie in your script right over here" posts.

    The discussion forums are also a great source of information. You guys haven't simply attracted 500,000 people. You've attracted a huge number of very knowledgeable people. I post questions here myself because I feel that I have a reasonable expectation of getting accurate answers. I try to answer questions too. Usually though, while I'm looking up the answer, someone with a lot more knowledge is typing it out and posting it before I can get back with it. I think I've probably posted a few too many, "Yeah, what she said" posts, but there it is.

    So it's a place to learn your trade as a dba and a developer. Further, if you take part, posting, writing articles, it's a place to grow professionally.

    Great job Steve. Please keep it up.

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  • I never cease to be amazed at the amount of talent that frequents this site. Granted, you'd think that having been working with SQL since 4.2.1, I'd be pretty good at it. But I continually find answers to questions here, some that I'm asking, some that I hadn't thought to ask. I even manage to have an answer or to on occasion. I think that one of the biggest values of this site is the general lack of self interest. Every thread I have read here, every article, every script I've tried is about people willing to share knowledge (and, occasionally, wisdom) because it is the right thing to do. I have many other sites in favorites but this is the one I go to every day.

    The quizzes can be a little eye-opening in that we don't always know what we think we know, but that is also their value. There is never any loss of time in finding out what the right answer really is, whether you need it today or not. Some day, that very issue will rear its ugly head and you'll remember having seen reference to it before, and that reference was here.

    I also frequently recommend this site to other SQL developers and DBAs that I come in contact with because of the intrinsic value of the content.

    Finally, I have to say I respect the professionalism employed both in running the site, picking relevant editorial topics (which I have forwarded to more than one senior manager) and ensuring that the enthusiasm of the members remains high. This also applies to the participants, without which this would simple be a lot of valuable disk space.

    BTW congratulations on the 1/2 million mark. I've noticed the number creep up every day and wondered how long it would take.

    Oh yes, the site changes are great. The look is smooth an polished.

    Buy the ticket, take the ride. -- Hunter S. Thompson

  • Good job folks. I am starting my day from reading a few articles. Very helpful. I wish you to be in this business for a long time. Thanks again.


  • I don't read the articles, I just like the pictures.

    On a serious note, this is the best SQL Server resource available. The articles, editorials (usually amusing), forums and my favorite - the Question of the Day. While waking up early and getting to work is a drag, once I'm at work I look forward to receiving the SQL Server Central newsletter in my in-box. Thanks for brightening my mornings.

    - Grumpy

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