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  • RE: Using Tools That Fit

    john.brooking - Wednesday, October 17, 2018 7:29 AM

    Anyone else having problems with the "key switch sampler" link in the article? For me,...

  • RE: The New Year

    I just looked at the possible answers - binary values first.  As both ended with the binary representation of 2, I picked #7E2, then after looking at the binary patterns I...

  • RE: A Fun Distraction

    I can confirm that Rogue One is very, very good 😉

    Good list of films that, there are a few on the 'good list' that I haven't seen yet, and I've...

  • RE: sp_send_dbmail to include hyperlink

    I realise this is an old post, but as a question was asked about a solution, I thought I would post.

    This question had also been posted on MSDN, with further...

  • RE: The Worst Comments

    Another +1 for 'no comments' . I'm working on updating a bunch of non-SQL test scripts at the moment, which feature many examples of complex, multi-call tests with...

  • RE: Managers: who needs them?

    It's BAE Systems.


  • RE: Variable Declaration

    Stewart "Arturius" Campbell (9/19/2013)

    Keld Laursen (VFL) (9/19/2013)

    I think it would have been prudent to mention the version restrictions in the question.

    if memory serves, QotD only relates to the current mainstream...

  • RE: The Five Year Plan

    I have just returned to working for my company's onsite IT department as a developer, after having been lent out to an engineering project for 9 months, so the last...

  • RE: Basic maths - operator precedence

    I got it wrong!

    I'd applied BODMAS to the 4 statements so I figured it was a different answer. Thought my reasoning was sound, so I checked the link and...

  • RE: Happy Holidays

    I'm with Kenneth on this one.

    Here in the UK we'd definitely associate Turkey rather than Reindeer.

    That said, its only a bit of fun, so can live with missing out on...

  • RE: Hide URL in nvaigation link?

    I thought that might be the case.

    Thanks for the reply Markus!

  • RE: Row-by-Row comparison


    Looking for a method of comparing rows in the same table, I ran across this thread. I thought I would add my 2p to the debate:


    SET @result = 0


  • RE: MDW access issue

    We did manage to get around this problem in the end. For reference, an admin user logged into the database (Using shift to get into the actual system) and...

  • RE: Comparing 2 tables in MS SQL 2005

    I agree with Pradeep, use TableDiff.

    I've used it myself recently for a very similar problem to the one you describe and it worked fine for me.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)