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  • RE: Feedback is Encouraged

    Feedback is encouraged? Not very much IMO. The following two really efficient ways to communicate feedback are completely closed.

    1. Tools such as SSIS and SSMS are "free", which means that...

  • RE: TFS for databases

    Can you explain why you have chosen TFS over its alternatives, Subversion and Git?

  • RE: Extended Properties Introduction

    Hi Adam,

    The following sounds like a good reason: "tracks object evolution automatically".

    Thanks for the answer.


  • RE: Extended Properties Introduction


    Alternatively, I can just store all I want in my own table, and then I can work with sets of rows, search on any criteria I wish etc., and the...

  • RE: What Not To Say


    While I completely agree with " You can't trust stuff you download", why are you singling out only open source: "no matter what the Open Source crowd says."

    Are you...


    Hi Steve,

    Can you please remove this question, because it is plain wrong:

    --Select the first customer

    SELECT TOP 1 * FROM #Customer

    Without ORDER BY, the order is not guaranteed.



  • RE: Returning the Top X row for each group


    I liked this article, thanks!

    One more thing: this optimization relies on the assumptions that only a small percentage are winners. It might be interesting to research which query is faster...

  • RE: An Example of Test-Driven Development, Part 5

    Same here, Andy - I ended up unit testing almost everything, but with other tools.

  • RE: An Example of Test-Driven Development, Part 5

    Scott Abrants (8/21/2009)

    Great series Andy - Thank you.

    I do have a question. All of the work you did here is something that has to be done manually and maintained...

  • RE: Are You a Ten?

    blandry (11/17/2010)

    After all, if you want a great and recent historical example of "10's" who thought they "knew" something - look at Wall Street. They "knew" the party would...

  • RE: Google Scale

    blandry (11/16/2010)

    "Jeff Moden often quotes, it doesn't take any more time to do it right the first time."

    I was struck by this comment in today's editorial. Struck by the...

  • RE: An Example of Test-Driven Development


  • RE: An Example of Test-Driven Development


    What will happen if you just drop this test? Is there any chance the problem you are testing will go unnoticed?

    I don't think so. If your database is gone, every...

  • RE: An Example of Test-Driven Development

    Hey Andy,

    Why would we want this: "Unit Test developed here will live on as a Regression Test for the remainder of this database's lifecycle".

    What the purpose of keeping this test?...

  • RE: What's the best way to count?

    mtillman-921105 (10/21/2010)

    Tom.Thomson (10/21/2010)

    mtillman-921105 (10/19/2010)

    kevin.l.williams (10/19/2010)

    If I saw any production code like 2, 3 or 4, the developer would get an ear full. I will stick with count(*) thank you very...

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