What other dba hats do you wear?

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    I currently manage our mySQL backends as well as the two oracle8i servers we have. What else do you guys manage and do you like them over MS-SQL?


  • I am strictly MS for DB servers (5 SQL2K, 1 SQL7).

    I do, however, work on the network architecture and management for our firewall and load balancer.

    Steve Jones


  • I pull the same load that Steve does. I do also support a little of the NT env. as well. My real task though is just to wax the bosses car.

    Brian Knight



  • I have 2 SQL2K boxes. I only do Win2K admin as a backup when the Network Dude is out of the office and I help build/upgrade the servers. Rest of the time I do bits of development, mentoring, etc.


  • I am a DB2 DBA(75%) and also responsible for 9 small SQL 7 installations and 3 SQL 2000 installations (25%).

  • whats DB2 like? I've never messed with it before.

  • quote:

    whats DB2 like? I've never messed with it before.

    Its certainly not as easy to install and maintain as SQL Server. There are quite a few tuning parameters. You can make a living on tuning alone and many have. Also, you can have a absolute horrible installation if no tuning is done or the DBA doesn't know what he or she is doing. Its much more involved than SQL Server and IBM has fallen behind the time as far as GUI interfaces. THey are catching up though. I think they finally realized that SQL Server and Oracle are competitors finally and they are loosing ground to them. DB2 is very stable and has a good following, documentation and error manuals are very good and there is a large knowledge base behind the product.

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    whats DB2 like? I've never messed with it before.

    I've got to agree with MarkSopczak on this one. DB2 is very stable and their releases are hardly ever buggy. What worries me as a SQL Server bigot 🙂 is that their prices are coming down rapidly to compete on the lower-end market. At my last calculation, they're only $8 a transaction off of MS. Usability is my main issue with DB2 though. Plus, not a whole lot is included in the package free. Everything, like DB2's version of DTS is extra.

    Brian Knight



  • Ok. Three types of SQL Servers (versions 6.5 to 2000) I maintain them and write stored procedures. Win2K networking (servers and all types of clients), but not full time, usually just to help out. Visual Basic, Access, ASP coding, whatever is necessary. I have also project managed and created estimates and documentation.

    Patrick Birch

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  • I part time in many things but 75% of time is MS DB servers (5 SQL 2K, 10 SQL 7.0 and 2 SQL 6.5) that host a myriad of applications and DW's. Nothing too intense or there would be more of me (or less of me with my family).

    We also have 1 DB2 server which I manage partially and 1 Informix system which I get called in on when the application engineer needs assistance (not that I am much help).

    My role is situated in the Server Engineering team so, I often get pulled in on projects when they are short handed and I usually get the default SQL Anywhere, BTrieve - Pervasive SQL, etc. upgrades (does this count). Oh Boy!!!!




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  • I am DBA and system Admin for 10 Cincom (SUPRA/Mantis) systems on DEC Alphas, I also do a bit of development and support for these. I recently (like a couple of months ago) inherited the role of DBA and System Admin for our Intranet which is SQL Server 7. We have 6 servers (including 1 development). I have spent the majority of the time trying to get to grips with how these servers were set up, standardising jobs etc and attempting to make us disaster recovery proof - which we still are not! I am Very comfortable with my Supra/Mantis (after 12 years who wouldn't be) but I have found SQL much more friendly and I am sure once I get really into it that it will be far easier to look after than Supra/Mantis, and much more fun!

  • I currently am the DBA for our SQL Server 7.0 databases. I also am the DBA for our Oracle 7.3.4, 8.0.5 and 8.1.7 databases. I know that there are some that are firmly entrenched in either the SQL Server or Oracle camps. I really like doing both. Each has its good and bad points but both are good databases to work with. It also makes me more marketable!!

  • I bouonce all around ... I am a DB2 DBA (z/OS ... yeah a dino!) but also have DBA roles with Oracle 8.1.7, Sybase and SQL Server. My favorite being SQL and I don't get enough time with it. The reason I was replying was to Brian's comment about pricing. IBM is "unbundling" DB2. Separate charges involved for more and more of the optionals. The last being the most interesting ... load and unload are separate a separately licensed product. That raised some eyebrows.

    And you are right the GUIs for DB2 lack a bit.

    Tom Jordan

  • I maintain 4 SQL Server 2000 Databases and also do DTS from Informix9 to SQL Server 2000.

    Apart this i develop Visual basic components for our current production system

  • Directly manage 25 servers from 6.5 to 2000 in dev, test, and production. I consult and sometimes manage another 45 dedicated servers as the need arises. We (team of 3)deal with a number of other databases from Access to object oriented systems on an ad-hoc basis. Oracle systems are handled by a different group.

    I also manage Microsoft Premier Support and Microsoft Licensing.

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