What other dba hats do you wear?

  • My role is defined as Data Architect. What that means and what it is are two different things. I perform server monitoring and maintenance on SQL 7.0 and 2000 servers. I spend quite a bit of time managing replication between an AS/400 DB2 environment and MS SQL. When things are calm , I actually do my job which is design database architectures. I use ERWin for my modelling tasks.

    My biggest regret is: I rarely get to code anymore.

    My biggest joy is: I rarely have to debug production code.

    Thom Pantazi

  • I handle 4 MSSQL 2000 servers, 1 Sybase 12.0 Adaptive server, 1 Oracle 9i server, and some old dodgy Access and Fox Pro applications some monkey knocked out as a temporary measure 7 yrs ago. guess which one takes the most time . I also do Database design with Erwin and ER studio and handle change management for all of the above.


  • Sounds like fun.

    I always loved Fox.

    Steve Jones


  • You and Leon must the only ones left!


  • Get the F##$ Out of Here.

    Visual Fox was much better than VB, up to and including v6. It was object oriented, support inheretence of objects and was great to develop in.

    Of course, you had to know more than the average VB monkey does to work with it effectively.

    I think with VB.NET, VB will take the lead.

    Steve Jones


  • I am a DBA for SQL Server 7 and 2000. I also do programming and admin for Oracle 8i.

    I code stored procedures, and do front-end programming in VB, ASP, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, unix scripting, windows scripting, and Visual C++. And I also do security administration in Win NT 4.0 and 2k.

    Lastly, I do mentoring and training on DB modeling/architecture, performance tuning and programming.

    That's about it. 🙂

  • Steve, I must have missed your response about Foxpro...too funny! I honestly haven't used FP, so I throw rocks at it mainly to annoy Leon. Still, I'm pragmatic about such things. If you know VB, you get VBScript for free, all the MS apps use VB for macro's, giving you the ability to "record" source code and then tweak it. More importantly to me, I believe (I can hear the feedback starting already) that there are many more jobs doing VB work than FP.

    Inheritance is interesting. I've survived for a while without it, will take some retraining to get used to having it available. My guess it we'll see it either over used or under used, just like everything else (XML!).

    Ever use QuickBasic? Now THERE is a language! You could not only step forward through your code in the 'IDE', but step backwards!


  • Anyone else frightened by vb.net?

    EDL now there was a language (and machine); kept me off the streets for several years.

    Cursors never.
    DTS - only when needed and never to control.

  • I'm a DBA for a large Org..I 'm responsible for around 15-20 SQL servers 7/2000 @ multiple sites (Globally).{with some others sometimes doing that work - when I'm busy}..

    I love the variety (Tunning, DTS, Stored Proc..and of course SQL Coding !! as well as some VB and excel Dev & loads of ASP)

    I hate it when I know what I want to do.. but have to work around (with Code) some of the (MS)SQL limitations..

    Ohh.. and be carefull with MDAC 2.7..

    it does not like NotesSQL (I had real fun sorting that one out !.. please ask if you want more info.)

    Neil Hambly


  • I'm looking forward to VB.NET. Too many "little" issues with VB.

    K. Brian Kelley



    K. Brian Kelley

  • I think VB.NET is a good step forward, but personally I'll lean more towards C#. Always loved C.

    Steve Jones


  • Im looking forward to .Net, the VB variety as well. Got some very nice features.


  • We currently use Oracle 806, SQL2k, DB2, sysbase, and of course everybody's favorite.....Access.

    Rob DeMotsis

    Sr. SQL Server DBA

    Pier 1 Imports, Inc.

    Rob DeMotsis
    Sr. SQL Server DBA

  • I sometimes help our network department and give minimal support for our researchers with the VB app. Usually the VB support is when none of our VB programmers are available (which occured this past week since they were all on vacation and I was not).

    Because I have some experience with networking I often setup my own NT accounts and do minor configurations that I need for my SQL projects. I have helped our network people trouble shoot networking problems on occasion.

    Robert Marda

    SQL Programmer


    Robert W. Marda
    Billing and OSS Specialist - SQL Programmer
    MCL Systems

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