The Test of Time

  • The Test of Time

    Today we make a big announcement at and I'm happy to let you know that we've sold the company to Red Gate Software. You can read more about the announcement in a press release from Andy, Brian, and myself. It's very exciting for the three of us and we hope you feel the same way. is a very successful and popular site for many reasons, a few of which I am probably unaware. One thing I do know for sure though is that we've doggedly pursued our vision. Over the years we've consistently and constantly brought you new content, new scripts, and other information, almost all of it from the community. I know I've been extremely proud and thrilled that those of you in the Real World continue to share your knowledge and help others here every day.

    I think it's this constant flow of new information that makes this site and community successful and I'm looking forward to growing even more in the future. Red Gate is looking to invest resources in the site and grow an even more vibrant and valuable community. The site will remain free and we hope to evolve it into even more of what you, the community, enjoy. If you have ideas, please post them and we'll consider them all as we look to grow the site.

    Running this site is something that I never take for granted and greatly appreciate. And, from this point on, I'll have the freedom to focus on what I like doing, without having the hassles of daily administration, dealing with vendors, and the other stuff that pays the bills. Yes, for better or worse, I'm sticking around to run the site and ya'll are stuck with me for the foreseeable future.

    I'm proud of and how far we've come. And I'm looking forward to continuing that work, bringing you more interesting and diverse content as Red Gate supports and nurtures this wonderful community. We want to be THE SQL Server portal, and we're still working hard to get there.

    Thanks for five years of wonderful memories and we'll toast tonight at the PASS reception.

    Steve Jones

  • A simple and heartfelt "congratulations" and well done on the SQLServerCentral site.

    Glad you're sticking around to keep it going as well as it has!


    Mark Khoury

    Montreal, QC

  • Congrats guys,

    Good to see all your hard work has got that extra recognition.

    No sitting around on you laurels on all that Red Gate money, keep up the fantastic work.


  • Many congratulations to you all!


  • Congratulations guys, well deserved!

  • Way to go guys. I hope you got a fair and unreasonably high price for the site

    Neil C, London.

  • I agree 100% with everyone else, you've done marvels for the SQL world over the last 5 years and I appreciate that it can't always have been easy balancing things.

    I hope you got a great price for the company and I look forward to using it for the next 5+ years.

  • What can I say...  But I feel the same as all the other posts above. 

    My best to you Steve, and your partners.

    Having been a Red Gate fan for some years I think you chose a great company.

    Keep up the good work

  • While I wish all involved well on this sale, I have to admit that I have some concerns over the sale of this site to Red Gate; 

    • Is there any ownership implicit in the code members have provided to SQLServerCentral? 
    • Does Red Gate have unfettered access to the personal information of members stored on SQLServerCentral, a seemingly perfect marketing database? 
    • What protections are there (if any) for the editorial freedom of this site to openly say things like Red Gate's software sucks, Company X's software is better (just an example, I'm neither endorsing nor criticizing Red Gate)?

    In essence, a non-partisan web site has been sold to a partisan owner, what impacts can we the users expect from such a move? 


  • I have to agree with Bill. While I happy for you guys, all too often I've seen an independent enterprise like SSC, following a take over by a commercial entity, lose the "vibe" that made it so successful. Redgate, please don't change anything!

    Good luck.

  • I'm not very vocal on the site, but I have appreciated SQL Server Central for a couple years now.  Thanks for the good work to date, and all the best in the future!

  • Congratulations, well deserved.

    I hope Steve continues to keep his perspective about work as he becomes an employee. 

    His occasional statements that were more about professionalism in general always showed a great deal of wisdom.  Often when you work for a company, that changes to corporatese.


  • I am happy for you guys.  Congradulations.  It is a gread SQL Server website and I got so much out of it.

    On the other hand, I feel sad because Red Gate is a company, I am not sure I will get the same attention.  You guys make me feel this site is so warming and I actually can talk to you and get personal attention from you - Steve, Andy and Brian.  Again thanks for everything.

  • Congratulations - I love the site and I hope nothing much changes. I know it's a big possibility with a sale like this and I just hope that redgate doesn't change anything. I have gotten a lot of help from this site and I have also had the opportunity to help others. good luck

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    1) What kind of tshirts do they have?

    2) Why am I Mr. Sparkle?

    3) Why do bad things happen to good people?

    4) Wheres my cut?



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