The Test of Time

  • 4 answers:

    1) t-shirts are the shrink/grow with you kind.

    2) you're mr. sparkle because you're disrespecful to dirt!

    3) c'est la vie!

    4) it's in the mail!

    **ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI !!!**

  • Great news !

    Steve's editorial and members comments are my favorite in SQL Server Central... I wish these continue even after this announcement.

    Good Luck Guys

  • Thanks to everyone and we hope things continue on the same way they've been going. It's business as usual for me and for all of you.

    We'll be looking to answer some questions soon. Need to talk to the new boss

  • As a long time reader of the site (you guys were instrumental in my decision to become a DBA, thank you), I do wish you all the best in your future associations with Red Gate.  As far as the site goes, even though it will now be owned and operated by corporate shills and lawyers, I really hope that it will remain unbiased in it's content. and approach to SQL.  See you tomorrow at PASS.

  • These are important questions.

    -- Stephen Cook

  • Oh, and congratulations on cashing in Can't blame you for that...

    -- Stephen Cook

  • is sqlservercentral still going to have PASS receptions in the future? Much fun to be had at those

  • I find this announcement all the more poignant as the company I work for also just got acquired - pretty peacefully, but at the moment I have the joy of integrating all the IT systems between the two companies...

    I hope your acquisition goes smoothly, and I hope even more that the site remains of the highest quality, even if one of your major sponsors will now be getting their advertising space for free...



  • Good luck guys.

    Already have as a favourite to keep an eye out for what your doing next.

    Normal chaos will be resumed as soon as possible. :crazy:

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