Temporary Stored Procedures

  • geoff-635333 (6/25/2013)

    I always forget it too - but only at the end of the session


  • Jeff Moden (5/9/2015)

    sanjarani (5/9/2015)

    One of many SQL Servers features that is hardly ever used because alternative methods are more suitable.

    Please explain your "alternative methods" and how they are "more suitable".

    What is it with you folks that drop a bomb like this and then nothing after that?

    --Jeff Moden

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  • Hi, Jeff--

    The one place I actually need this is when a procedure has not yet been deployed to Production, and a customer wants the output it produces. Example: sales details over two years by day in JSON format (one file per day).

    One way around this is to simply restore Production to a staging server, deploy the latest release and execute the stored procedure.

    But if that is not an option, a temp stored procedure could be helpful.


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