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  • Well I got it wrong because I was not familiar with the except operator. But is MDX considered T-SQL?

  • Bah?

  • When MDX is considered part of mainstream t-sql language construct then fine. Otherwise it should have being labelled MDX as the topic.



  • '-' sign used for the purpose of 'Except' in Database Engine Query window gives error...

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  • So I'm not the only one that thinks that MDX is not T-SQL. An instructor on a course I attended said, "think of MDX as T-SQL for cubes" (i.e. although it serves the same function, it is not the same thing)...

  • MDX <> TSQL. Except is not a correct answer.

  • I think, "-" Except supports SQL 2005 and above versions.

  • I agree - BAH! MDX is not T-SQL. I am going to tell my mummy!


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  • I don't think MDX is t-sql either

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  • I didn't even know the MDX usage, so I probably would've gotten this wrong anyway. But another comment I have is about the ambiguity of '-' as it relates to being "for" single-line comments. A single-line comment needs two '-' but each one is needed "for" the comment. I guess ambiguity is sometimes part of the challenge, but in this case it was a little confusing.

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    (it's not T-SQL, but '-' can also be used for signatures 🙂 )

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  • Microsoft lists MDX functionality within the T-SQL documentation. If you research the topic on the internet, most authors define it as a separate language. In any case, I learned something new today and that's always a good thing.

  • '-' is also a part of 'wildcard' characters ...


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  • MDX is an entirely separate language from SQL or the T-SQL variant. The author is the one that's wrong.

  • I think you need to show us where the '-' as an except operator exists in the Transact SQL Reference.

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