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  • Any reason you didn't simply use P2V?

  • Alex Friedman (10/12/2015)

    Any reason you didn't simply use P2V?

    Of course P2V is less complex in terms of migrating SQL but I think the point here was to make a guide that could be applied to any SQL Server instance migration, no? 🙂

  • Hi Alex, what I didn't mention in the article was, we upgraded the OS in these migrations. Another requirement was we had to change the drive letters of the new system to meet standards. I've personally never done a P2V before, but I hear great things about them!

  • Thanks for the detailed article.

  • you're welcome!

  • Wonderful .. it really helpful to me


  • amzadali16, thanks! glad it was useful to you. : )

  • Great success in Using this!!! Thanks a Million Geoff

  • Hi GeoffRuble-976616,

    Is there any reason why going into sql server configuration mmc and changing the master database path there pointing to the new master database not work? which is essentially overwriting or swapping out the new master db with the one you already have? forgive me if am being a bit ignorant as my sql knowledge is at novice level.


  • Great detail on your methodology.

    I would suggest taking a look at the powershell module dbatools.io.  It will take care of a lot a lot of your steps for you and others that might have slipped your mind.

  • Hi All,
     I never comment on this kind of subject, but this one is very important. I been part of a lot of migration and do it this way have a high risk and even Microsoft don't recommend this if you didn't test all your application. If you have only 1 application, this could be done, but in most of the company their have shared SQL with more than 1 application. The rollback will be for all your applications and not just one if only one failed. I'm not telling you is not good of the point of view technical but in the point of view business, this is too much risk.


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