SQL Server 2008 T-SQL Enhancements Part - I

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  • An excellent article, well written and to the point. My recommendation would be to ensure that another person reviews your article for grammer and typos ( Minor point but worth noticing).

    Also, when using tempdb in your examples, please add # for temp local or ## for temp global tables, unless with SQL Server 2008, these notation have been removed.

    I enjoyed reading this article and look forward to reading part2 ( that you promissed).

    Ali Sanjarani

  • Well done! Looking forward to part 2...

  • Enjoyed the article, but like it if you would compare Intellesense to Redgate SQL Prompt.

    I've used both and I admit that I am a bit biased when it comes to Redgate. When SQL Intellisense was billed to be the same as Visual Studio I was expecting much more than what I saw.

    Does anyone know if they have made any improvements to Intellisense with updated to SQL 2008?

    Regards, Irish 

  • Good article. Thanks for writing it.

    Having used various versions of Intellisense with SQL, I have to say I usually don't like it. Too many times, I've had the drop-down picklist cover up stuff that I actually want to see. If I were to choose one over the other, I'd go with Redgate's, because it works with other versions of SQL, while the bit in Management Studio 2008 only works with SQL 2008. If you connect to a 2000 or 2005 server, no intellisense. Redgate's will handle those. I've also tried the one from ApexSQL, and it works well too, but again, I don't like any of them very much for myself.

    I like most of the other new features for 2008.

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  • Hi Sanjarani,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for sparing sometime and reading the article.

    I must say, I am delighted to have your valuable feedback and comments, which I will surely incorporate in my future articles.

    One more caveat I noticed, I used rich formatting for tables(where I have pasted the example scripts) which have eventually become image after publication and hence readers cannot copy and paste the scripts, I will make sure in next articles I keep it simple. 🙂

    Thank you once again for your feedback and yes I look forward for your comments on my next articles which will go on floor soon.

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  • Hi Mark Horninger, Jeffrey Irish, GSquared,

    Thanks a lot for your encouraging words, it will definitely work as motivation forces in my future articles.

    About intellisence feature, yes it works with SQL Server 2008 only. I will do onething, I will raise a ticket/request to Microsoft SQL Server Product Team and may be upcoming service pack or new version will have a fix for it. Let's hope. 🙂

    About next article in this series, I have almost completed it and giving final touch to it. Soon I will be sending it to the editor and further it will take few days in review and editing. Anyway soon it will reach to you guys, so I insist you guys to have a look on them and give me back your valueable comments.

    Thanks again for your time in reading it.

    With Thanks and Regards
    Arshad Ali
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    My Blog - http://arshadali.blogspot.com/[/url]

  • Is your grouping sets example not just a rework of rollup?

    Is the power of this not in the way it can handle non hierarchical (ie group by col1, col2, col3 with rollup = hierarchical) sets?


    create table #people(fname sysname, lname sysname, location sysname)

    insert #people

    select 'rich', 'b', 'here'

    union all

    select 'bob', 'b', 'here'

    union all

    select 'rich', 'm', 'there'

    union all

    select 'rich', 'c', 'there'

    union all

    select 'jane', 'c', 'here'


    coalesce(lname, fname, location, 'Total'),





    from #people

    group by grouping sets((fname), (lname, location), location, lname, ())

    order by 1

  • Nice article, thankyou

  • In general, even though SQL2008 has been out for some time now, well done on a useful recap for those considering a move. I believe the SQL editor probably requires an article in its self. The syntax checking, highlighting of balanced parentheses, underlining of invalid objects, auto complete (not entirely a fan it takes far too long to update if you have a new object). Also unlike for instance the Redgate product, there is no formatting of SQL statements. Otherwise there is little reason for not adopting 2008 over 2005. I understand that the database binaries are the same, so 2008 is far more like a tidy up of the things that were in 2005 but were only part realised implimentations. What this really means is that 2005 to 2008 is far less fraught than 2000 to 2005.

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  • Nice article. It was well written and enjoyed it. I see that this is a reprint. Did you ever publish the 2nd part?

    I didn't know about the GROUPING SETS and am excited to see this as an enhancement. Most of these enhancements are things I always felt should of been in the product/language. I've been using 2008 for awhile but I haven't had the need for it yet. I really could of used this in 2005 in a previous job.

    I like the pretty light blue decorations around your code snippets. I think though I'd rather have the snippets copy and paste friendly.

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  • Excellent post, looking foward to the other parts


    Thomas LeBlanc, MVP Data Platform Consultant

  • Nice article. Thanks for taking the time to write it and share it with us.

    Jason...AKA CirqueDeSQLeil
    I have given a name to my pain...MCM SQL Server, MVP
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  • Very useful article. I've been using SQL2008 for a while, but hadn't picked up on some of the simple changes - maybe now I'll remember some of them. I'm looking forward to the successor articles.


  • Coool. Precisely describing the point. Thank you.

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