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  • Intresting

    I always feel like im not using so much of the available stuff that SQL Server offers.

    Most of the stuff i discover is from reading forum replies here.

  • This looks super-handy, thanks for sharing.

    Note the small typo on the web site though: EnterpriCe instead of EnterpriSe. Unless this was intentional, given the price for Enterprise Edition 🙂


  • Nice, but it would be nicer, if I could also search for

    • OPTIMIZE_FOR_SEQUENTIAL_KEY (Index option for faster inserting MANY rows with increasing key)
    • WITHIN GROUP (belongs to STRING_AGG)
    • pausing index rebuild
    • "Memory optimized" instead of "Memory-optimized" -> ignore at least dashes in the search engine
    • Linux

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  • Adding all language feature changes would be great (I recently had to port code from 2016 to 2008 and relied on error messages to identify some of the differences.) However, this would be a big task for one person!

  • Does this SQL Features Explorer try to find all SQL Server instances that are on the network? Where I work, we have hundreds, perhaps thousands of SQL instances, most of which I don't have access to. What happens when I run it and it fails to access most SQL instances?


  • Did you just click onto the link and tried it out? It is only a simple database / table on a webserver and a web frontend where you could enter a search text and it will do something as

    SELECT * from dbo.feature_table WHERE feature_name LIKE '%' + @search_text + '%'

    It is nothing you can download and does nothing local on your network (and if it COULD do that, you should check your security 🙂

    God is real, unless declared integer.

  • No, I didn't. Thank you!


  • Sure Thomas,

    We will try to incorporate all the above features on our explorer tool.

    Thanks for your feedback.


  • Thank you @thierry.vandurme, we have modified as "Enterprise" in our portal.

  • This is a cool tool - thanks - duly bookmarked as no doubt will come in handy to have the info nicely laid out!

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