MCSA 70-462 Training Kit Preparation: Hyper-V Lab Environment Setup

  • This was an awesome article on many levels. For me it's my first brush with Hyper-V so getting those instructions was GOLD! :w00t:

    Second, I'm really excited to see the use of SQL Server Core WITH Hyper-V. I had a lot of questions about how that would work but with my current demand, I couldn't explore it. Seeing them both here has me way more than stoked. :cool::-D

  • Great Article

  • Subsonic, thanks for the kind words. Glad it's something you can use. I hadn't played around with core before, either. I found it interesting, too.

    SQLBI, thanks!


  • The article was GOLD, enormously instructive. My own issue is that while this is a river I have yet to cross, I will be doing it on vmware workstation...any advice or idea about how applicable the article is in that case? I know less than minus zero about it, but that is the rig I have available to me.

    Thank you for sharing your work.

  • Holy mother of god, don't run "Sysprep /generalize" on your host machine like I did.

    Thank you though, this is a fantastic setup guide!

  • Thanks for was the push I needed to make a recovery set for the mother ship :hehe:

  • Great article, I'm having a problem when creating the first vhd (DC)

    keep getting a message "The server encountered an error trying to create the virtual hard disk." under Detail it shows "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process".

    Can't figure out what has a hold on it, any advice?

    First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again.

  • Thank you for the nice article. I setup the environment in virtualbox and found it much easier than hyper-v.

  • Thank you for the article. It's clear and extremely useful. In about two hours I completely set the six machines with the configurations indicated in the book

  • First, let me agree with everyone here: The TK book was lacking when discussing lab prep, and this article was a welcome relief!

    One question, though (, and I apologize in advance if I sound too "noobie"):

    [Chapter 1 / Lesson 1] asks me to reach up from one of the virtual machines to find the SQL Server ISO on the host machine and explore its Sys Config Checker. How/where does one find this ISO from the virtual machine? (Was the SS ISO to be included somehow in the VM's VHD, and I just missed a step?)

    TIA! Rich

  • In VirtualBox you can select a VM from the list (it has to be shut down when you do that and not in a saved state) and then right click on it and click on Settings. In the pop-up that opens you choose Storage in left panel and then in the right panel under Storage Tree you click on the + icon next to the Controller IDE. You can browse for the ISO and then add it to the storage. After that you can start the VM and you will have access to the SS ISO like it was a CD drive.

    Not all these steps are explained in the book, many details you will have to figure out by yourself.

    Don't just give the hungry man a fish, teach him how to catch it as well.

    the sqlist

  • Thanks, sqlist, but I should have been clearer; per the original article, I'm using the 100%-Hyper-V approach.

    Does Hyper-V offer an approach similar to the VirtualBox one you describe, that I'm just not seeing?


  • Exactly what I was looking for; many thanks!

  • OK, one more newbie question and I promise I'll stop - for this chapter, anyway. [grin/blush]

    I can get the VMs to see each other's SS2012 instances, no problem. But, when trying to download the AdventureWorks database from the site, and it seems like no virtual machine can reach back to the Internet.

    (I'm a little light - OK, very light - on networking troubleshooting, so this problem comes as no surprise to me at all.)

    Does anyone know of a simple way to either resolve my issue or (short of building a new ISO from just the AW's mdf,) allow the virtual machines to see an MDF on my host machine?

    Again: Thanks in advance!

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