MCSA 70-462 Training Kit Preparation: Hyper-V Lab Environment Setup

  • Hi Bruce,

    like my friend here Koen, I am as well a BI groopy and as much as this topic intrigue, for me it quit a pain in the ***, but what can we do, they ask for that (70-462) and we will obey...;-)

    I am Joining Koen with his question and I do think the network is missing in the tutorial, because once i was able to setup all of the VM and I tried to make them talk to each other, it was quit difficult to understand how I should be doing that and even when i managed to understand that from other posts, i still have many issues with that.

    to make a long story short, I have Hyper-V on win 10-->virtual switch that defines the network, on my PC I saw that there was added a new network card with the name that seems to be relevant to the hyper VMs, I set manually static IP and move all of the machines to work on the same subnet of the PC network card (hyper V one) and set the PC IP as getway.

    The status now is:

    All of the machines recognize the machine that you called "DC" and the PC virtual network card.

    Machines can't recognize each other.

    DC sees PC

    PC sees DC

    It is a mess up situation because i fill that close, but i can't make it work,

    Sorry for the digging, i just wanted to check if you have any idea how i can configure this properly.

    Thanks Again for the post it is one hell of a thing...:-P

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