Limited Time Offer: Licensing by Scale for SQL Server

  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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  • Marius van Schalkwyk

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    I almost forwarded this to my manager. I should have known it was to good to be true.

    Good one.

  • Cody Konior

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  • AndrewJacksonZA

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    Marius van Schalkwyk (3/31/2014)

    I almost forwarded this to my manager. I should have known it was to good to be true.

    Good one.

    +1. Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve!!!!!!!!! :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:

  • RichB

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    Not sure that its really in the best of taste to do this on a release day... 🙂

  • Balance


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    It's good to see that U.S. citizens have April Fool's as well but does further beg the question why MS would attempt to release 2014 today as they aren't known for any sense of humour.

  • sknox


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    We're actively reviewing our licensing RIGHT NOW. So you pulled me in with this one. I should have realized it was fake, given that the links to the "new" licensing documents still explicitly reference 2012.

    By the way, as of 9:19ET, Microsoft still hasn't updated their website, so this, your newsletter, and the PASS mailing sponsored by Microsoft all still link to 2014 CTP2.

    Way to coordinate, MS!

  • mike 85460

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    Why you gotta be like that for? Dashed my hopes to bits.

  • jay-h


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    It's time for MS to follow the TurboTax model, and provide an app that asks the right questions, interprets your requirements and comes up with a recommendation (or choices). It could also allow you to experiment with different configurations to see how they play out.

    If income tax can be managed through an app, I'm sure licensing can.


    -- FORTRAN manual for Xerox Computers --

  • Leon Chalnick

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    hahhahahha 😛

    Rotten bastid!!


  • Jason Cheung

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    Argh! I am just in the middle of planning additional licensing!

    You got me!:-P

  • John Hanrahan

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    I actually got the email on the 31st! I was totally fooled until I read the article. You should have had some advertising on that article page. Probably would have sucked a bunch of us in!

  • kozubek


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    You made my day... really! 😉

    After a hard long working day I was really about to forward this to our best customers...



  • Ken Wymore


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    I knew this one had to be a joke. Thanks Steve.

  • Stephanie J Brown

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    Suckered me in on that one - we're upgrading to 2012 this year so licensing is on my mind... So sad it's not real. :crying:

    Here there be dragons...,

    Steph Brown

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