Independence Day

  • Independence DayMen in Black

    Today is the birthday for my country. I know many of you are in other places around the world and this isn't a holiday for you, but it's a big holiday here at SQLServerCentral, with most of you in the US. Surprisingly, it's kind of a day off for Red Gate as well, with most of their employees enjoying a day out of the office for team building and enjoying each other.

    Personally it's a quiet day for me. We'll run up the flag and one kid will play with the neighbors and the other is interesting in settling down for a Will Smith Wednesday, watching Independence Day and Men in Black. Should be a good time for us with minimal work for me.

    This day commemorates the United States declaring their independence from Great Britain (hence the name) with the adoption of our Declaration of Independence. As faulty as the individuals were that drafted this document and despite the missteps my homeland has made in the world, this document we celebrate is an amazing piece of work.

    I'm someone who believes in personal freedoms and our rights to live our lives as we choose, with minimal interference from others in terms of rules, but with respect for others' rights and the impact of your actions, choices, and decisions on others. I love a free society where expression is tolerated and valued.

    This country isn't perfect, our leaders and citizens aren't, and we probably never will be. While I don't agree with all our decisions and actions, I do agree with the unalienable rights called out in this document.

    And I hope everyone in the world gets to live with with life, liberty and the ability to pursue their own happiness.

    Happy Independence Day!

  • Happy Independence Day to you too, Steve!

    Andy Leonard, Chief Data Engineer, Enterprise Data & Analytics

  • That and a strong, respectful salute to the folks in the armed services who made it possible and continue to make it possible to enjoy such freedoms!  Thank you all.

    --Jeff Moden

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  • I have to agree with Jeff but I don't salute defence force personnel as I am not in the forces myself.  I consider a salute to be something for those who serve (I grew up as an army brat so I understand the point of view of those who join who are 'saluted' (and usually incorrectly) by civilians).

    All I can do is just show them the respect they deserve for doing their part to keep the country free.


    It's funny how Steve mentions that the USA may not have the perfect people or the perfect leaders but it seems that everyone I know who goes there comes back with a very positive feeling about the place.

    Growing up where I did, there was a fair bit of anti-American sentiment and that sticks in a lot of people I know even though they've never been there or met many of the people.  The funny thing is that the more Americans I meet, the higher my opinion becomes of the people in general

    Enjoy your Fourth of July celebrations because what you have in the USA is something truly great in the constitution and the rights you have.  It's just a shame that it seems to me that so many of your own people will slag off at their own country for all sorts of stupid and pathetic "reasons".

    * Donations gratefully accepted to go towards a plane ticket so that I may see the place first-hand....

    A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.

  • No country is perfect, we should celebrate that we live in countries where we can say so


    If it ain't broke, don't fix it...

  • Some may sayAmerica does a lot wrong, I think the world is a better place for having a country like America, I don't think I would want to live there but I admire the fact that they do celebrate thier national heritage with July 4th.



  • To Steve Brooks.

    I wanted to keep out of making a comment on July 4th as I did on memorial day. But comments like this just hit me in the face, how naive and ignorant is it possible to be? The world is a better place thanks to the US? What about those more than 650.000 irqis civilians lots of which are wemen and children are killed only because of the war on OIL. Now US has established 14 permanent military bases around IRAQ (!!!).

    Now the US are planning military bases in Poland and Czech. In central Europe !!! For what reason??? Iraq for example had nothing to do woth sep 11 2001, and the story about weapons of mass destructions was only a huge lie. Is this how the US make the world a better place?

    Now there is a growing movement of researchers who prove that 9/11 was an inside job, not something done by 19 arab guys led by a man in a cave in afghanistan, which is the official conspiracy theory, that these people conspired to defeat the most powerful military in history.

    just go to, and look for yourself what evidence there is for that 9/11 was an inside job done by Bush/Cheney administration.

    Best regards


  • I wish a happy Independence Day to all on behalf of all Indians!!! Our datacenter group is undergoing US Ascent training, so…learning a lot about American culture, history, geography, peoples and their livings, thinking, business qualities etc etc..It’s all fascinating and dam interesting to learn and of course motivating in the sense that how Americans progress in last 70 odd years (I guess from 1929's great depression year to till date) .Recently got a chance to watch Hollywood movie "Forest Gump" again, a movie which replicates American culture. Isn't it?


    Shrikant Kulkarni

  • US Ascent training?  Do you mean US Accent training?  And if you do, that's bizzare!

    Happy Independance day you backstabbers.

    Dave (limey) J
    "I don't know what I don't know."

  • thx David!! guys correction: please read Accent instead of Accent 

    Shrikant Kulkarni

  • Happy Independence Day to us Brits from you Yankees! Heh heh!

    Never been sure what we Brits were fighting for in North America all those years ago but I like the theory that some idiot officer got lost and thought he was being attacked by indians (that's native North Americans).




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  • Chris Morris,

    Well, I can tell you that Great Britain were fighting for imperical power as so many others have during the time of history.

    Today there ought to be some clarity that these 19 guys could not have brought down these solid steel structures of WTC 1 and 2 in a mere 10 seconds which is exactly free fall. That can only be explained by explosives beeing planted beforehand. And who could have done that??? And there is also no plane to be found outside the pentagon? There are not even a single indication that a boeing should have crashed there.

    9/11 was an inside job, who else could have done it? a man in a cave in afghanistan? Thats what the official conspiracy theory is.

    Please just look at all the faces the researchers are finding.

    Best regards, Johan

  • Happy Independence Day!

    Salute to all the men and women of our armed forces (past and present) who make it possible to enjoy our freedoms.

  • David Voss,

    Yeah, thanks to war we can enjoy 650.000 dead irqai civilians, and 100.000 of injured US servicemen / wemen, from exposure to DU weapons radioactivity.

    Happy independence day!

  • Johan, I had a look at the site Not for long, there was an argument about the temperatures which may or may not have been reached within the towers during and after impact. I've never read such tosh and I'm disappointed that an intelligent individual such as yourself is unable to see it for the blatant propaganda that it is. You only have to watch video of the two crashes to marvel at the stunning feats of engineering which kept them up for so long.

    Yes, you're right, we were hanging on to "our empire"...but good grief Johan, the post was not meant seriously! Get yourself a sixpack or two and a DVD ("Fahrenheit 451"?) and take some time off.



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