Independence Day

  • I think there is a wonderful future of our country if we make some changes. Congressman Ron Paul (a republican from Texas) wants to restore the constitution of our founding fathers which has now been shredded into pieces. Then we can become independent from corporateocracy.

    Best regards

    Johan Tiberg

  • Happy Independence Day to America..... a beautiful country on the planet.....

    I became a US Citizen as of 4th July and it's a great privilege to be.

  • Congratulations!!

    Must be a great feeling to finally get through that process.

  • Outstanding Ram!  Welcome to the U.S.A!

    --Jeff Moden

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  • Even though I don't care for the Current Occupant in the White House and his war, I can't forget the sacrifices my grandfathers' made in both WW I and WW II. One a machine gunner - fresh off the farm - sent to France to fight at the Meuse Argonne (as well as others). The other, a Seabee building airstrips in the Pacific - gone for four years - contracted malaria - and constantly being shot at. They are both gone now - and I think about them almost every day. There are not enough ways to express my gratitude to both of them.

  • Congratulations Ram!

    I know it was a great relief for me when I finaly got my US citizenship.  My application was in when 9/11 happened, so figured it would be years until things went trough.  But managed to get sworn in Janaury 2002 (3 years after applying...)

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