Independence Day

  • Chris Morris (and others),

    Please consider the following interview, with David Ray Griffin, which is a short one, only a few minutes. He explains it very well.

    After that there are many, many scientific movies proving that its fysically impossible for the undamaged part of the buildings to come down i free fall speed. There is a second video of that.


  • Everyone has the right to think and believe what they want. So if you want to believe that 9/11 is a conspiracy go right ahead. However, it is rather disrespectful to post these types of things in a thread where people are celebrating a national holiday. If you want to discuss it, feel free to start another thread and invite further discussion there (unless you're afraid no one will bother).

    Seeing that all 14 of your posts so far are of 9/11 conspiracies and anti-war and found primarily on this thread and the Memorial Day thread tells me that you have a personal agenda. You wouldn't by chance happen to be a member of the Global Islamic Media Front? I don't expect you to answer that question honestly.


    The Media Sword Campaign: How can I participate? What can I do? & What is my role?

    4- Publishing in non-Islamic forums; like music, youth and sports forums .. The publisher here has to choose the best way when communicating with the visitors of these forums, as the way you talk to a member of a music forum isn’t the same that you use in Jihadist forums.

    And you shouldn’t just copy and paste here, but you have to choose the convenient subjects and words. What’s more important is watching the replays of the members and replying to them accordingly .. if there is some difficult issue, you can ask for help from your brothers in the Jihadist forums.


    The Web as Weapon

    Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, master of the Web war

    Internet a Weapon in Jihadist Terror War

    The Global Islamic Media Front Announces the Initiation of Infiltrating Western Internet Forums, and Issues a Call to Able Muslims to Join Information Jihad

  • Well put, David.

    While we're here (I hate doing this almost as much as I hate seeing rubbish posted in this forum):

    <<from exposure to DU weapons radioactivity>> No Johan, it isn't the radioactivity of DU which is most harmful, it's the toxicity of the uranium. If I remember correctly, DU is slightly less radioactive than uranium which has not had the fissile isotope partially abstracted. Bear in mind that ores of uranium can contain up to 60% mixed oxides of uranium. There's not much difference in radioactivity between theses naturally-occurring ores, and DU.

    My pal Steve is thinking of getting a DU keel weight for his yacht. Speaking of which, I'll be drinking a few toasts to Americans everywhere this evening...happy holiday, guys!




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  • David Voss,

    Thanks for your comment. I am a true programmer since 1982, I was 9 when dad got me my first computer. And I have been working with many kinds of computers since then, I can tell you. How long experience do you have?

    However, did you think about the definition of conspiracy theory. A conspiracy is when two or more persons plan and cooperate to do something illegal. That means the official story is a CONSPIRACY THEORY.

    ... so which of all conspiracy theories are true? well, we can judge that by looking at which one has the best evidence. And the official story has no substance. Its just a made up story. Did you know about WTC building 7, which came down also in near free fall speed (6.5 seconds) in the afternoon the same day? It was not hit by any airplane and it hadnt almost any fire at all, and it was a steel framed building. Never has any steelframed buidling came down in history due to fire. So there must have been explosives. It was blown up. Where is the plane that supposed to hit the pentagon?

    Try google "What crashed into pentagon" for yourself and see what you find.

    To become better programmer or database developers we have to learn not to be afrain of looking outside of all of what mainstream provides. Thats where we will find the great solutions of tomorrow. It should not be too difficult to see the pattern here about 9/11.

  • Listen, I believe what I believe about 9/11 and no amount of posting by you or anyone else is going to change that. At this point, I frankly don't care what your opinion about 9/11 is so don't bother replying to me directly.

  • I appreciate everyone's responses and one of the great things about this is being able to express disparate opinions. However, there is a time and place where free speech applies.

    If you wish to post re: the original topic, that's fine, but this is not a 9/11 forum. Johan, I respect your opinions and you may be right, but this is not the place. Any further postings on 9/11 in this thread or any thread not dealing with 9/11 will be removed. If you wish to start a thread in the "Anything that is Not SQL" forum, please feel free to do so.

  • Happy Independence Day to all Americans!


    I’m just wondering why Google didn’t change their logo to commemorate America’s Independence Day, like what they did for Chinese New Year.

  • Happy ID4, the day that commerorates Wil Smiths' kicking some alien behinds!

    Why is it that every American holiday is connected to the action in Iraq which drags in 9/11 and that crowd.

  • They did.

    If you're using one of the themes I don't think it will show up unless you switch back to the classic theme.

  • What Americans termed a 'Revolution', the British called a 'Rebellion'. While you are celebrating Freedom today, try something new and exercise your mind by considering a different perspective.

    James Stover, McDBA

  • Ah yes, but don't forget that the British tried to reclaim the Americas in a recent episode of South Park.  Since everything they do on that show is *true*, it really must have happened....

    If you don't watch South Park then that's your loss

    I wonder if those sneaky Canadians are considering another invasion?  I wonder if everybody will run away like they did last time whereupon the Cannucks got bored sitting around the White House and just went home (History 101 as told me by a Canadian mate - I'm guessing there is a different version from south of the border )

    A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.

  • folks, Wish you all a happy and a memorable independance day. It's nice

    to see the history about  US.


  • Actually, they did... nice red/white/and blue google with a bald eagle and the whole shootin' match.  I believe Google logins sense which country you are in to allow for if holidays in different countries land on the same day.

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  • I am often critical of our nation's policies, not because I hate America, but because I love the US that was enshrined in the Constitution and envisioned by the founders. Alas, both the left and right have wandered far afield over the years in search for influence over their opponents. While there is attention to the 1st; the 2nd, 4th, even the tenth amendments have been gutted in the search for political expediency.

    Here's to the founders, and to everything our country should and could be!





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  • Dear Johan Tilberg,

    whatever faults you think the US may have the alternatives are a lot worse.

    I do not believe for one moment that 9/11 was an inside job and anyone who does should climb down out of the conspiracy theory tree.



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