How to pass a Microsoft certification [70-432]

  • Jack

    How long did it take you to study for the MCTS and MCITP (70-432, 70-450) series?


  • studied the mcts book thoroughly for a month and solved some dumps from net.

  • When did you pass the exam and did you take both?

  • I've been privileged to see some of the questions they ask on those exams. I could never pass such exams because I disagree with many of the answers. I'd have to learn what they want me to answer rather than what I've found to be the best answer.

    And, no, sorry.... I can't/won't post any of the questions because it would violate the NDA I have with MS.

    --Jeff Moden

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  • When I took the exam there was one question where the conditions given eliminated all the of possible answers. So I picked the answer that violated just one of the conditions and would be the least disruptive in a production environment. I described the problem in more detail during the comments section.

    I did not pass, and next time the same question came back! While I was able to go home and research correct answers to some questions I remembered and was unsure of, I have no idea if I got this one right or not, and if not, I don't know how to know which answer they considered "right."

  • koustav_1982 (2/8/2013)

    studied the mcts book thoroughly for a month and solved some dumps from net.

    Braindumps are cheating. They are actual questions taken from the exams in violation of the NDA that all exam takers must accept. Using or distributing braindumps can result in your certifications being revoked and even in you being blacklisted from ever writing certification exams again.

    The Examinee may be prohibited from taking any Microsoft Certification Exams, and/or may be decertified from Microsoft Certification Program if Examinee violates this Exam Agreement and/or engages in any misconduct. Proctors are authorized to take immediate and appropriate measures against Examinees who violate testing rules. This policy is enforced to ensure the integrity of the Exams and Microsoft Certification Program. Examples of misconduct and/or misuse of the Exam include, but are not limited to, the following:

    * Modifying and/or altering the original results/score report for this Exam or any other exam records

    * Violation of the current exam retake policy

    * Fraudulently impersonating another to gain access to the Exam

    * Submission of any work that is not completely your own

    * Providing or accepting improper assistance

    * Using unauthorized materials in an attempt to satisfy Exam requirements (this includes using brain-dump material and/or unauthorized publication of Exam questions with or without answers)

    * Disseminating actual Exam content

    *Possession of non-authorized items at the testing center during an Exam

    * Misconduct as determined by statistical analysis

    * Copying, publishing, disclosing, transmitting, selling, offering to sell, posting, downloading, distributing in any way, or otherwise transferring, modifying, making derivative works of, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling or translating any Exam in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose

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  • Hi Gail,

    I'm new to this forum. want to take the 70-432 exam. Any advice for what material to study. How many questions and what % required to pass the exam?

    Thanks in advance.

  • instead of starting there, why not find out what the exam covers and then do it the hard way: PRACTICE. Try to incorporate as many features of SQL Server as you can on your test databases and see for yourself which works better.

    I know MVPs that have no certifications whatsoever but are smart enough to have written books on SQL Server, or have written chapters in SQL Server Deep Dives... in a word, certifications are not a substitute for experience.

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