Half a Million

  • I'm not a DBA. I'm a system administrator whose duties include the care and feeding of a lone SQL Server housing a few smallish databases. I always come here first when I have a question about the best way to accomplish a task, or if I'm not sure I'm doing something right. The content here runs the gamut from introductory in nature to geared toward Yoda DBAs, and often when I'm browsing for something specific I see articles which catch my attention and I end up bookmarking them to come back to later when I have time.

    All in all, I consider this site to be a valuable resource, even if I'm not exactly in the target demographic. This is a very good place to come and exchange knowledge, and I'm not too surprised that it's grown to this number of members. Congratulations.

  • SSC is one of the best SQL Server resources on the web. I have been a member for several years, and it has helped me on several occasions. I even remember reading one post that was immediately helpful to me in developing an SSIS process to import student assessment data. In return for the assistance I have received from many of the extremely knowledgeable members on this site, i have tried to return the favor, by helping others as well. I have found that one of the best ways to learn is to teach.

    The articles have alwys been helpful and informative, and in some cases quite humorous. I have printed many of the articles and provided them to co-workers and my supervisor.

    I have also used several of the scripts that people have posted to the site. They have saved me hours of development time. Some day I hope to be able to return the favor by posting scripts and perhaps even writing an article myself perchance.

    The best thing about this site, however, is having to gotten to know other SQL Server DBAs and Developers. I truely hope to be able to meet some of these individuals some time in the future before I hit retirement.

    Lynn Pettis

  • Hi Steve,

    I first started coming here to leech scripts to make my life as an admin easier and ask questions on the forums.

    Several years later, I'm still coming here but not leeching or posting as frequently. Now I particularly enjoy your editorial (most days) and I read the daily articles. (Which I often pass on to our developers)

    What I like most about the new site is the speed (seems quicker to me) and the design. Its a nice, crisp, clean look and blue is my favorite colour.



  • A few years ago, I was a steady member of SSC because at that time, I was managing a SQL Server environment. Several years pass, I switch companies and go into an Oracle environment, but one that still has several SQL Servers due to the appeal and ubiquitousness of SQL Server. Although I'm in a management position now, my past experience allows me to help with the SQL Server -- my past experience being my ability to look up everything I've forgotten on SSC.

    So, I guess I am saying that you have supported me throughout my career and I appreciate it.



  • What I like about SSC is the information given that is relevant to my daily tasks.

    SSC has helped me in my company's transition from Oracle to Sql Server. I have been able to read the articles and apply them to many daily tasks. Also, the most important is being made aware of things that I need to do as a SQL Server DBA. I have been able to tackle many issues over the course of 2 years and this is one of my resources that has made me successful.

    I continue to use the articles and practical tips from the SSC site to improve my skills and see new ways of accomplishing tasks required as a DBA.

    Thanks to Steve and the many article writers for helping me and my company to be successful!

  • I am lazy to read books. In SSC, I can refresh my knowledge in SQL in a few of minutes, in addition, I also can learn new SQL features.

  • It is important to remember that not all members are DBAs or aspire to become them. As an analyst, I have learned much, gained a deeper understanding of SQL, and obtained a broader knowledge of aspects of SQL Server that are beyond my resopnisibilities (but useful to understand, nonetheless).

    As an employee of a small college, the price is great, too!

    Thank you to the founders and current staff as well as all the members who make this a great site.

    Congratulations on achieving such a significant milestone! 😀


  • I consider my SQL knowledge at an intermediate level, but my support team relies on me as their primary source when they need help, so who do I go to? SSC of course! I come here for just about all my answers. If one of the developers posts something he found online to me, I usually find it here as well, and with more feedback and ideas on the topic because SSC is such a wealth of shared real-world information. I use the forums to answer my immediate questions and I browse the threads when I'm working on a script to find best methods and practices. The practical experiences that are shared here really are priceless, and my personal growth has been exponential since signing up.

    Some day I hope to answer questions here too, but for now I'm just a lowly SQL sponge.

  • I've been a member of SSC for quite a while now and usually turn to this site first when I have an issue with SQL Server. If I don't find an answer, I know that posting a question will get me an answer quickly and usually several. The people who are here are friendly and really do seek to help out each other.

    The articles have been top notch and I look forward to my daily email letting me know the latest and greatest that's happening here.

    The best thing about SSC are the authors. Recently I read an article about the encryption options offered by SQL 2005 and wanted to know more about what the various types were and how secure they were. I emailed the author and he replied to me with a very good description of exactly what I could expect from each of the choices available.

    The fact that people are willing to take time out of their busy lives and jobs to help out anyone who asks is worth it's wait in gold. I think the site and boards themselves foster this type of environment and I for one am very grateful that they exist.

    Let' hope that when MS releases SQL Server 3010 - the boards are still going strong and are still the place to go for knowledge, advice and comradery.

    Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

  • I was born a poor dBase child....


    (not that this is my actual entry for the swag)

    [font="Arial"]Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves or we know where we can find information upon it. --Samuel Johnson[/font]

  • SQLServerCentral.com and me...

    Well two years ago, we converted our main database software from a proprietary UNIX based program to a SQL Server based program. It became my responsibility to get information out of the data, Since the "canned" reports did not answer many of the questions my Marketing Director wanted/needed answers to.

    I had zero SQL experience, and even had trouble figuring out Access in years past. Someone recommended a great book as a starting place, and it really got me started. Then I found this site. What a godsend. Though I am, by no means an expert, thanks to help from this site, I can look like one to the powers-that-be!

    This site is a daily part of my business life. I would be lost without it!

  • I love the real world perspective you give the SQL world. Everything from salary negotiations to temp and permanent positions cons and pros. As a former contractor now full time employee I have been on both sides and know what your saying is true in today’s market.

    Now a short true story.

    This one comes in under the header of communications. I was working as a consultant for a very large AIDS research origination helping to design, develop and implement a tracking application. Well, one day a girl I had come to know there came running up to me all upset saying she thought she was infected! I tried to comfort her by saying that she, of anyone, should know that with all the good work they were doing in her organization, she would be fine. It’s then that she told me it was her computer she was talking about not herself! As it turned out she was right and it took a week to contain and clean up the virus. You see it’s all in how you communicate the problem!

  • Congrats again on the half million. What has it done for me???

    Let's just say that I wouldn't know anything in sql server if it were not for this site. Enough said :hehe:.

  • Wow great comments, and a few emails as well.

    Thanks for the notes and I'm very, very proud that we have been able to help so many of you. And for all the help many of you have given to others. That was our intention (Andy, Brian, and I) when we started this site. We wanted to help others, write articles, and maybe have it pay for itself.

    Thanks for the notes and we'll go through them and pick some people this weekend.

  • An Ode To Server Central

    Why do I love Server Central?

    Let me count the ways...

    One: articles are relevant and informative,

    but yet not too long.

    They're clear and concise,

    so I never yawn!

    (hey, I didn't say this was going to be a good ode!)

    Two: email titles contain keywords,

    which is ever so kind.

    So I can search through them later,

    for what I want to find.

    (because let's be honest, sometimes there's not time to read all the articles, let alone apply them, until the topic of discussion has become a matter of life-and-death... if not to the programmer then at least to the program!)

    Three: Contributors are clever and witty,

    sort of like me!

    Which makes for good reading,

    and way number three!

    (yes, I'm really grasping but it's only Tuesday and it's not even 9am yet!!)

    Five: information is useful

    and always up to date.

    Even the boss encourages it,

    it's just that great!

    (Plus I don't have to feel guilty for work-related internet usage!)

    So at half a million members,

    it's doing really well.

    It's a testament to its greatness

    and that's just 'super swell'.

    (I'm trying to resurrect such idioms as ‘super swell’, ‘hunky dory’, ‘radical’ and ‘tubular’)

    So programmers unite

    and congrats, SQL Server Central, on your size!

    Now that's the best I can do,

    where's my damn prize?!?

    (cough- Ipod - cough)

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