Four of a Kind - Backup Software Shootout Part 2

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  • The conclusion mentions cost as being a factor, but costs are not listed in the article. How much do these products cost?

  • MiniSQLBackup licensing costs are as follows:

    • single named server license - USD 99/-
    • two named servers license - USD 179/-
    • ten named servers license - USD 795/-

    and includes free updates for one year from date of purchase.

    SQL BAK Explorer - read SQL Server backup file details without SQL Server.
    Supports backup files created with SQL Server 2005 up to SQL Server 2017.

  • Cost is listed in the first part if it was available from the vendor

    Sql LiteSpeed doesn't have cost on its web site

    SQL Safe is $995 plus maint

    Ultra Bac $495 for the base and $695 per SQL Server agent

    MiniSQLBackup above.


  • SQL Zip is another contender in this field.  I have no experience with the product so I can't say how it compares.  It costs US$500 per server.


  • There are a few that I didn't cover SQL Zip is one of them.

  • I looked at Litespeed and found it to be way too expensive for us, for their standard product their pricing is below, they would offer some discounting so long as you beg enough 😉

    Standard Pricing:



    Unit Cost


    Total Cost

    LiteSpeed 2 CPU Standard License 32 BIT


    760.00 £ UKP


    1,520.00 £ UKP

    LiteSpeed 4 CPU Standard License 32 BIT


    1,410.00 £ UKP


    1,410.00 £ UKP

    LiteSpeed 2 CPU Standard First Year Maintenance 32 BIT


    152.00 £ UKP


    304.00 £ UKP

    LiteSpeed 4 CPU Standard First Year Maintenance 32 BIT


    282.00 £ UKP


    282.00 £ UKP


    20.00 £ UKP


    20.00 £ UKP



  • We recently ran tests of SQL Litespeed, SQL Safe, and SQL Backup. I found minimal differences with compression and performance of the 3 products. I could not find any justification for the higher cost of the SQL Litespeed or SQL Safe products when compared to SQL Backup. The yearly maintenance cost alone of SQL Litespeed or SQL Safe was higher then SQL Backup including support.

    We run this on a couple of clusters, and Red Gate has a version that supports clustered environments without problems.

    SQL Backup 4.0 is due out soon, too. And, I was told that we would get the upgrade from SQL Backup 3.2 to 4.0 included with our year of support/maitenance.

    SQL Backup has saved us time, disk space, and thousands of dollars.

  • If you have Lightspeed or SQL Backup, be sure to check out my sp_ABBackup and sp_ABRestore utilities and the article that explains them,

    They have saved my hide many times. Basically, it will easily let you backup and restore across several databases whether you use Native, Lightspeed, or SQL Backup. Many times you can get away with a single parameter listing the databases you want to backup/restore, and it will figure the rest out.

    Give it a try.


  • Thanks Viacoboni, that looks great! I especially like your point about SQL Backup error detection. I found some code on the Red Gate site that helps with this, but your's sounds like it's much easier to use.

  • You're welcome RML51.

  • It looks like Red-Gate SQL BAckup is a great deal.  We have servers located at branch offices on low quality DSL lines and need to bring a backup to HQ on a regular basis and also to a disaster recovery location.  We are located in 11 different countries in Latin America and highspeed connections are very expensive.

    While backup speed is nice, compression is our most important factor.  What program woudl provide the smallest compressed file? I don't mind using out of the box SQL backup and then compressing with a ZIP program if it gets a smaller file.

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