Could You Live Like a DBA?

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    Hakim Ali

  • Very amusing. Thanks!

  • This is the best post ever on SQL Server Central. 😀

  • that made me LOL out loud.

  • Had a good chuckle. Well written.

  • That was amusing. I expecially liked "Scans." Life is like that.

  • the Backup/Replication actions sound just like what a lot of people do on Facebook.


    -- FORTRAN manual for Xerox Computers --

  • Michael Lysons (7/26/2013)

    This is the best post ever on SQL Server Central. 😀


    Hakim Ali

  • OK, I now want to try set-based TV watching...

    Anyone got a couch I can sleep on when the wife kicks me out for it? I figure if I use every screen in the house, I can do 12 episodes at a time...

    Mmmm, 12 Bugs Bunny cartoons at once, a big bowl of some sugar-coated cereal on a Saturday morning...

    I'd feel like I was 7 again!


  • What's so funny? Isn't that how we all live? 😎

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  • Replication - shouldn't be a problem - just assign that to the Kids role - they're all glued to their mobiles doing exactly that in any event.

  • Totally love it!

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  • I am now searching (or rather, scanning) all nooks and corners in my home to find the hidden camera that just has to be installed somewhere. This is exactly my life! :hehe:

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  • Too funny! "Episode-By-Agonizing-Episode". 😀

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    Thanks, Hakim!

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