SQLServerCentral Editorial

The Pandemic Work Load


The United Kingdom went into their third lockdown not too long ago, and this was a bit of a disruption for my employer, as most of our people are in the UK. While we've gotten used to being at home and working remote, this was a change.

During a company update, our CEO reminded us to be reasonable to ourselves and to each other. He noted that the situation each of us might be dealing with could be vastly different than what others experience. The balancing act of work, family, and life, can be daunting for everyone.

Including to each of us individually.

We didn't define reasonable, but rather want employees and managers to be fair, moderate, and appropriate. The company doesn't know how much work each person can handle, or at any particular time, so we're asking everyone to be a little relaxed with the demands on ourselves each other.

We still have sales goals, individual goals, and pressures to complete development. At the same time, if there is a need, we can adjust those things. In many companies I've been employed by, most managers were reasonable with me, but there were always some that were not. I'd like to think that Redgate does better than most, but we'll see.

In any case, as we continue with the pandemic, I'm curious about your working schedule and whether you might be working more or less than you expected. Or than your co-workers expect. If you're juggling children or other family, this can be a challenge.

We're nearly a year into this pandemic, and I still see no end in site for when we might return to the work environments of 2019, so I am curious today how your adjustment in this new year is proceeding.