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  • I am intrigued by what I've seen of Microsoft Viva. At least, as far as I understand it. I seriously doubt we'll adopt it where I work, simply because we never adopt anything new, regardless from where it comes. I'm going to take a wait and see how others respond to it before I make any judgements.

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  • Heh... MS should be sued for false advertising when it comes to their videos.  😉

    --Jeff Moden

    RBAR is pronounced "ree-bar" and is a "Modenism" for Row-By-Agonizing-Row.
    First step towards the paradigm shift of writing Set Based code:
    ________Stop thinking about what you want to do to a ROW... think, instead, of what you want to do to a COLUMN.

    Change is inevitable... Change for the better is not.

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  • Another productivity tool?  Sometimes seems we live in a techno world focused more upon tools instead of actually solving business challenges.  I know it all comes down to how an organization utilizes their tools.  Our organization has a team that focuses on providing productivity tools.  I feel they are doing their job too well.  Seems like we are constantly bombarded with new productivity tools.  Of course this all requires training.  And then it seems like we are constantly receiving software updates to the tools.  We have multiple tools for accomplishing the same purposes (Chrome vs. Edge, WebEx vs Teams, etc.)  My opinion to our productivity team is to just let things sit for some period of time so we have the opportunity to become productive with the productivity tools!

    Are all these tools are changing our development culture?  Now I’m all for teamwork, but are we developing individuals to become unable to work independently to any great extent?  I look around our organization and I see so many people spending so much of their day in meetings.  We used to call this the ‘paralysis of analysis’.  I attend many meeting that involve a number of interested parties but very few of them are actually performing the work.  A long-term, experienced, business knowledgeable developer can spend so much of their time, and others time, working independently on things that matter the most.

  • I see this number of new productivity tools as simply a reaction to the fact that lots of people need help being more productive. Put another way, it's a new market, so companies are going to produce their own solutions.

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  • Developing employees to have more business knowledge, have them mentored by more experienced individuals, training them in design and architecture skills, etc. would produce a great deal more productivity, produce much more stable and better performing code, reduce the amount future technical debt by building higher quality code, and would be so much cost effective in the end.  Productivity tools can help you do the wrong things even faster.  Also, retaining quality employees long-term produces much better overall results than addressing needs utilizing short-term resources on an as needed basis.  There is a place for short-term resource, for more limited needs like report writing, but to produce overall high quality business processes you need the knowledge and experience in my opinion.

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