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Make a #SQLWish Come True


A few weeks ago I was sitting in Farestart at the annual Friends of Redgate dinner when my eyes teared up. The waiter was explaining the mission of the organization, and I was proud that Redgate chooses to support them. However I was also touched that people choosing to help others when there is so much pain, strife, and suffering in the world. I'm glad the speech was short or I would have had a wet napkin.

I have been lucky in life. I've had career success, my family is healthy, and we really don't have any problems in the world. The difficulties we have are really minor annoyances compared to what so many must deal with. I suspect many of you are in similar situations, working in technology and making a good living. However not that's not the case for everyone.

We have a prominent member of the #sqlfamily whose child, Lucy, has been sick with a life threatening illness. Mark Broadbent has spent the last few years volunteering his time, helping with the user group and SQL Saturday in Cambridge, UK. He has volunteered to speak and write about SQL Server. I would venture to guess that some portion of you have been helped by Mark's willingness to share his knowledge. At the same time Mark and his wife, Lorraine, have been dealing with Lucy's struggles at home.

I'd like to make a wish come true for Lucy and her family. Lucy loves Disney, and I'd like to send the entire family to Walt Disney World in Florida. This is a gift, a gift for a person in our community, a gift that will bring some joy after all they've been through.

I'm asking you to join me. I'm asking you to donate funds to help us bring the Broadbents from their home in the UK to the US for a vacation, for a break from the strife in their lives. Lucy is doing well, but she has a long road ahead, and I'd like to bring some joy to a little one that didn't deserve the struggles she's faced. I'm asking you to show some love for a member of the #sqlfamily that could really use it.

I've set up a fundraiser on YouCaring.com, and started off the donations with $200 of my own money. I rarely attach my name to donations, but in this case, I'm hoping to inspire a few of you to join me in trying to raise the $15,000 this will cost.

Whatever you can give is appreciated. $5, the cost of a coffee, or maybe the $10 cost of a quick lunch, or more if I've touched you. Maybe a few of you might even get your company wants to participate. Every bit helps, and we'd very much appreciate your generosity.

I'm asking you to pause in your life when you read this. Imagine your child were sick, or a niece or nephew, or even the child of a good friend. Imagine the worry about the child's future. Imagine the stress from bills and the struggles as you try to somehow work while a child suffers at home or in the hospital.

Now reflect on your good fortune.

Join me in showing the world just how amazing the #sqlfamily can be and make Lucy's #sqlwish come true.

View the fundraiser for Lucy

UPDATE: Thank you very much for your support. We achieved our goal in one day and I'm am so proud of the #sqlfamily out there. On behalf of the Broadbents, thank you for your generosity and support.


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