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A Pay Raise


I've seen a few articles on pay rising, this one from mid-sized firms that are struggling to compete with larger companies for entry level workers. They expect to pay more than in the past for those workers, especially if they are trying to get them to replace older workers that might be leaving.

That seems reasonable and it's what I expect. That IT workers are in more demand than ever, despite advances in making development easier and quicker, better system management, and more powerful equipment that enables consolidation, we still need people to work in IT.

I do think that hiring and retaining workers is a challenge as companies move forward from Generation X to Generation Y. Employee recognition might be more important as well, with perks evolving to meet the desires of new workers. I know that older workers don't think that the younger generation really appreciates the value of work. They don't expect to work for years in a job to advance and grow their salary. They expect to succeed right away. There were actually some amazing comments (to me) at Slashdot about a similar article.

I struggle with this as my kids grow up and I have the feeling that life at 18 or 21 will be a harsh slap in the face for them as they leave my house. And I am making sure they know they need to leave my house!

Your place in life is what you make of it. However for the majority of people, living in society requires work. I fundamentally believe that hard work, in an area of your choosing, makes you a better person. Even those jobs you don't like build character. They may be a temporary stop in your career, but if nothing else, you should learn what to watch out for in your next interview.

However I completely understand the disillusionment of so many workers when they see management and executives of companies receiving compensation that's completely out of line with the pay every other worker in the company gets. I don't have a solution, but I do see an interesting opportunity here for those of you with some experience.

If you're looking for a job, and if companies have to pay entry level workers more, why not just hire an experienced person? Maybe you can get them to trade some salary for other benefits, more time off, working from home (save gas and time), or something else.

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