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Ethics in IT - Database Weekly (Nov 17, 2008)


I really hope its true. I hope that IT executives are really looking to hire those people with high morals. According to this article, that's what they appear to rate highly when looking to find new workers. It is rated above things like communication skills and business knowledge. Granted the survey was done earlier this year before the economy got worse, but I think it still has some value.

On one hand I can understand that ethics and morals are becoming more important. With all of the data breeches and issues that we have had, having those people that you can trust and that will behave in a highly moral fashion is important. As we become more and more connected, and more information is out there, with every blogger acting as a reporter, it's almost impossible to sweep things under the rug anymore. If it happens, it will likely get out there and impact your reputation, either your personal one of the corporate reputation.

Finding out that employees have some ethics and will adhere to your firm's principles is something I want to do in an interview. And it appears that more companies are starting to pay more attention to interviewing and less to the letters after your name. Not that you won't get any benefits from degrees or certifications, but more and more I think the way you present yourself, and your track record online, will have a huge impact on your changes of employment.

The thing that concerns me with this article is that it seems too often we have a lack of morals at the top of companies. I hear constantly about how companies exist to produce a profit, and they do, and that is the most important thing. It may be, but doing it in an ethical and moral way need to balance the goal of profits.

If you, as CEO, CTO, VP, or any executive position are willing to compromise your ethics to meet a goal and make a bonus, how you can expect those that work for you to do differently. Leadership starts from the top.

Steve Jones

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