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What’s new in SQL Monitor? Tagging and Current Activity Page (minor release v12.1)

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We've released a minor version of SQL Monitor, v12.1, that includes two exciting new features: ‘Tagging’ and a ‘Current Activity’ page. In a nutshell: tags allow you to record aspects of a server so that you have information at your fingertips, and the Current Activity page directly queries the monitored server when you open it to get the most up-to-date information possible. It’s all part of our commitment to making SQL Monitor the best monitoring tool out there!


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SQL Prompt ALT S Magic

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SQL Prompt's new command palette provides a fast way to navigate the tool's functionality via a single keyboard shortcut: ALT+S. Phil Factor explains how you can use the command palette to find and execute SQL Prompt functionality and common SSMS commands, as well as search for database objects.


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The evolution of SQL Monitor: it keeps getting better and better

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With our four dedicated development teams, weekly updates and a commitment to listening to your feedback, SQL Monitor keeps getting better and better! If you haven't looked at it for a while, you might just be pleasantly surprised with how far it has come and how it can help your team work smarter. Take a look at the key features - and benefits - we've added since 2018 in this interactive infographic.


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Join us at SQLBits, March 8-12

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SQLBits is back online and in-person from March 8-12 and this year they’re taking us all to the Arcade! Register to get access to our exclusive pre-con and conference sessions run by Grant Fritchey, Kathi Kellenberger, and Steve Jones, as they talk database. And get a 10% discount code when you register using REDGATE274.



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