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Whitepaper: Enabling fast and easy database migrations with Flyway

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High performing teams must implement a common approach to database migrations so that the database can be included in Continuous Delivery. This ‘kernel’ of Database DevOps leads to better alignment between developers and Ops teams, and increases the throughput of high quality releases. The key for many is Flyway, and this whitepaper explores how this highly configurable migrations tool enables a bespoke migrations-based deployment strategy that is easy to adopt and scale across teams


Join the Redgate Tool Tips Swap

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Learn and share tool tips with your peers. Redgate has launched their Tool Tips Swap to help everyone make the most of their Redgate products. To get involved, simply share your top Redgate tool tip for boosting productivity. All tips will be collated into a blog post and shared with the community. Plus, you’ll get the chance to win a 3-month subscription to Pluralsight.

2020-12-30 (first published: )

Why you should include the database in your 2021 IT strategy

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As 2020 draws to a close, managers in many organizations are considering what the next 12 months IT strategy should look like, and how this underpins business objectives. Given the current business climate where the pandemic has prompted many companies to change the way they work, it’s even more important right now – and it’s an opportunity to get ahead.


BMWs SQL Server Enterprise Architect on the challenges of monitoring

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Tony Maddonna, BMW’s SQL Server Enterprise Architect, writes about the challenges of database monitoring. Drawing on experiences throughout his career, this blog covers manual vs third party, proactive monitoring in dev and test, and managing expectations of the cloud. To learn more, and read his tips on how to build a business case for third-party tooling, check out his blog.


SQL Snippets Galore, Added to SQL Prompt

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Imagine having at your fingertips all the metadata queries you need to explore your SQL Server databases and then, a few clicks later, all your diagnostic queries to troubleshoot their performance. Phil Factor demonstrates how it can be done, by storing each set of snippets in a standard JSON collection and using PowerShell to convert them to SQL Prompt snippet files.



Updated Pluralsight Course – Kubernetes Installation and Configuration Fundamentals


My updated course “Kubernetes Installation and Configuration Fundamentals” in now available on Pluralsight here! If you want...

Power BI and a Star Schema


I sometimes get asked from customers if they should use a star schema or...

A New Git Default Branch


I learned a new trick from Andrew Pruski. In a blog on avoiding PowerPoint,...

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Monitor SQL Server Error Logs with PowerShell

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