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The Enterprise Roadmap to Reducing Costs (While Increasing Value)

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Every enterprise is now facing the same challenge: to do more with less in a demanding economic environment. They're expected to release value to customers sooner while at the same time controlling the costs of their infrastructures, retaining skilled staff, and reducing risk. What role does the database play in balancing this challenge? Read on to find out.


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Data Masking in Principle

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This is the first of two articles to describe the principles and practicalities of masking data in databases. It explains why an organization sometimes needs masked data, the various forms of masked data we can use, the sort of data that needs to be masked, and the potential pitfalls.


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Using SQL Backup in Development Work

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For a development team, SQL Backup provides a simple way to restore development or test databases, if required, while minimizing the tedium of the task of taking, managing, and restoring the backups. We can generate the required backup commands in the GUI and then use them to construct a SQL script that backs up all the required databases. We can even use the backup commands in a beforeMigrate SQL callback, in Flyway, to make sure the current version is safely backed up before we run migration.


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Finding the Version of a Flyway-managed Database Using SQL

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Maintaining a version of a database opens a lot of possibilities, especially if an automated process can easily grab the current version, at runtime, using just SQL. You might, for example, have a routine that is only appropriate after a particular version. It is also very handy to be able to associate entries in an event log or bug report with the database version. No more desultory quests, when dealing with support issues, or when bug fixing, to find which database version was running when the bug happened.



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