User Defined Function (UDF)

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SQL Server user defined function to convert MSDB integer value to time value

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In a recent tip I outlined a process for converting a date, stored as an integer into a datetime data type. Date and time information for run history of SQL Server Agent jobs is stored within the msdb..sysjobshistory table as an integer data type, not as a datetime as one would expect. As promised, this tip picks up where we left off. On converting the integer-typed run_time into a format that is more user friendly for presentation purposes.


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SQL Server UDF to pad a string

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Unlike other relational database management systems that shall remain nameless, SQL Server's underlying coding language, T/SQL, does not have a built-in function for padding string values. I recently took it upon myself to create my own and as you'll see I got a little carried away


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Using schema binding to improve SQL Server UDF performance

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SCHEMA BINDING is commonly used with SQL Server objects like views and User Defined Functions (UDF). The main benefit of SCHEMA BINDING is to avoid any accidental drop or change of an object that is referenced by other objects. A User Defined Function (UDF) may or may not access any underlying database objects, but in this tip we show how using SCHEMA BINDING with a UDF can improve performance even if there are no underlying objects.


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