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Stairway to Microsoft Azure SQL Database Part 4 : Azure SQL server , an overview


In the last few posts, we were discussing about database deployment model and purchase...

Information Measurement with SQL Server, Part 4.9: The Bregman Divergence


By Steve Bolton …………Before closing out this long-delayed segment on stochastic information distances, I...

Let’s Talk About The Cloud


I’m launching a new initiative called the Community Circle Cloud Conversation Club (c5 for...

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Get dates between previous month date and current month date

By Raja Raman S

BI have a requirement to write a query to get all the records between...


By jsshivalik

Hi I have query select T0.DocType,T0.Debit , T1.Credit , T1.account from tbl1 where Mdate...

Daily Coping 29 May 2020

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

Today’s tip is today link your decisions and choices to your purpose in life....

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