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Unit Testing Myths and Practices

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We all understand the value of Unit Testing, but how come so few organisations maintain unit tests for their in-house applications? We can no longer pretend that unit testing is a universal panacea for ensuring less-buggy applications. Instead, we should be prepared to actively justify the use of unit tests, and be more savvy about where in the development cycle the unit test resources should be most effectively used.


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RE: Top N across groupings

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What if there's a tie for revenue ?If there's a tie, the sub-query will return you top 2 rows, but if you join that based solely on Revenue, you can & will get more than 2 rows per state in the resultset. 


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RE: Partitioning Tables

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Hi,Partitioning view is really a good option. but while implementing in our scenario we are facing some problems such as we cannot create index on the partitioned views as it gives some error saying that "underlying tables have some constraints" and even we had the triggers on the table which we have decided to split […]



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