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Bypassing Triggers

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This articles covers a variety of techniques to let you bypass or conditionally execute code in a trigger based on criteria outside of the inserted/deleted tables. It also includes a contest that gives you a chance to win a copy of our book The Best of 2002!

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Testing for an Updated Column in a Trigger

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The columns_updated function gives you the ability to easily test to see if specific columns were modified with less code than you might otherwise need to use. In this article Andy Warren demonstrates how to create a trigger that uses this function and points out some reasons why you may NOT want to use it!

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Triggers in SQL Server 7.0 and 2000 - The Common Ground

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This is a two part series on how triggers work in the two latest versions of MS SQL Server. Because there are some pretty significant additions in trigger functionality from 7.0 to 2000, we'll first need to look at what the two versions have in common. The second part to this series will look at the differences between the two MS SQL Server versions.

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2005-01-21 (first published: )

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SQL Server 2000: .NET and the Death and Re-Birth o

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In this month's article I will cover an aspect of SQL Server that always generates a great deal of, well, shall we say "discussion"—triggers. Love them or hate them, SQL Server 2000 will change they way you think about triggers and will probably alter the way you design your applications. Specifically, this month I will dive into cascading referential integrity (RI) and the new INSTEAD OF and AFTER trigger concepts in SQL Server 2000.


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