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The End of PASS


I think our profession was the better for having a professional association, even if...

Platforms for Events


in my last post I wrote about thinking of the tools as being a...

Getting Started with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Using the Power Automate Desktop


There are a lot of hot phrases you’ve likely heard thrown around during various...

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Migrating from 2008/2012 SQLserver to new server with sqlserver2019

By caz100

Anyone have a guide on how I migrate SSIS from sqlserver 2008 / 2012...

sp_execute and sp_executesql and sp_prepexec for the same statement

By scott.laird

From our software provided by a third party vendor, I am seeing the following:...

"Home PC" SQL instance

By ifthir

This may be a bit non-typical, but I am currently running SQL 2019 Developer...

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