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All about PASS Summit 2019


Here are the things you must/should probably know about PASS Summit 2019, as told...

Database Fundamentals #22: Using the Join Operator, CROSS JOIN


While the CROSS JOIN is not used much, and, depending on the size of...

Automate Your SQL Notebooks with Two New Options


There are two new options for automating your SQL Notebooks with your SQL Servers....

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Is Data the Future of the Vibrant Web?

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

Comments posted to this topic are about the item Is Data the Future of...

SSIS Package Permissions

By Joel Hatfield

I am developing a solution that calls an SSIS package from a stored procedure...

Query to find dependencies for a stored procedure

By gana79950

Hi, I'm seeing more dependencies from SSMS but getting only few with below query...

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