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SQL Server 2012 Window Function Basics

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For some time, Microsoft had a few window functions, but not the full set specified in the SQL 2003 standard. Now, in SQL Server 2012 we have the whole range, and extremely useful they are too. There's no longer an excuse to avoid them, particularly now you have Rob Sheldon's gentle introduction.


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SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn: Multisite Failover Cluster Instance

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SQL Server Failover Clustering, which includes support for both local and multisite failover configurations, is part of the SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn implementation suite, designed to provide high availability and disaster recovery for SQL Server. The multisite failover clustering technology has been enhanced significantly in SQL Server 2012. The multisite failover cluster architecture, enhancements in SQL Server 2012 to the technology, and some best practices to help with deployment of the technology are the primary focus of this paper.


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SQL Server 2012’s Information on Parallel Thread Usage

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In the SQL Server 2012 execution plan we can see better the true thread reservations for a query and not just information on the maximum degree of parallelism and row distribution across parallel threads; thanks to the new parallel thread usage information.

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SQL Server 2012 Database Recovery Advisor: Simplified Point in Time Recovery

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The aim of the new Database Recovery Advisor in SQL Server 2012 is to simplify the task of piecing together a recovery sequence from multiple backup files, comprising full, differential, and log backups. In this article, I'll demonstrate how the tool makes it easier to plan for, and perform, a point in time recovery from a series of backups, in order to recover data that may have been lost due to an application bug, or user error.

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Simplified Restores with SQL Server 2012 Recovery Advisor

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Occasionally, a DBA may need to restore a database from a multiple backup files that originated from multiple servers. This requirement might arise, for example, in a database-mirroring configuration, where backups may be from either of the servers.

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