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SQL Saturday #374 - Vienna, Austria

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SQL Saturday is a full-day technical conference and training event with international speakers. With over 20 sessions on SQL Server and a separate pre-con, the event is aimed at all those interested in SQL Server - from pros to beginners. This event will be on February 28, 2015, so register while space is available.


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SQL Saturday #302 - Albany

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SQL Saturday is coming to Albany, NY on July 26, 2014. This is a free full day of training and networking for SQL Server professionals. This event also features a paid-for precon session with Grant Fritchey on query performance tuning. The event is soon so register while space is available.


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SQL Saturday #293 Maine

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SQL Saturday is coming to Portland, Maine on June 28, 2014. Join us for a free day of SQL Server training and networking. Speakers include Grant Fritchey, Adam Machanic, and Wayne Sheffield. Register while space is available.


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SQL Saturday #306: Redmond

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On May 31, 2014 SQL Saturday is coming to Redmond, Washington. Come for a free day of SQL Server training and networking, the schedule currently features tracks on T-SQL, SSIS, Backup & Recovery and more. Register while space is available.


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