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Providing SQL Agent Job Log Data for Developers

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As a production Database Administrator, I do not want to give Developers direct access to the SQL Server Agent job log especially for servers in the DMZ. Another problem we have is that when there is a lot of log data for a job, the default job log doesn't contain the full log detail and that makes it harder to troubleshoot. Most of all, we are trying not to use a different code set for deployment based on the environment. Basically we want to use the same methods to deploy our jobs to Development, Test and Production.


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Stairway to SQL Server Agent

Stairway to SQL Server Agent

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SQL Server Agent is at the heart of any live database system. The Agent has a number of uses which aren't always obvious, and so a knowledge of the system is always useful, to developers as well as DBAs. Richard Waymire provides a simple explanation of its many uses.

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2019-03-26 (first published: )

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SQL Server Agent Job Management Scripts

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In a previous tip, the tip reviewed several steps for a better and improved environment for scheduled jobs. I am totally convinced with the recommendations and want to implement these for my scheduled jobs. To make this easier, I want to create a template so I can produce a suitable and reliable way of updates for my production server. In this tip I provide a step by step exercise to perform on a test server to prepare the customized and tested scripts to run on the production server.


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